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4 Benefits of Using Dry Cleaning EPOS Systems

If you own a dry cleaning business, you are part of a community of more than 3500 establishments currently operating in the UK, with over 34,000 employees working for them. Dry cleaners provide vital services to the British population and will continue to do so in the near future. As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and people have less time to do basic chores, the demand for these businesses is likely to rise. Here’s where dry cleaning EPOS systems come into play.

In order to meet these rising demands, it is important that these businesses employ various techniques, processes, and strategies that allow them to meet these needs, without impacting their overall efficiency and costs. Automation and the infusion of technology becomes a key contributor in this regard, given that the right tech can significantly reduce time spent on various mundane and repetitive processes.

Electronic Point of Sales solutions has been implemented across many business segments, from the hospitality segment to retail and wholesale businesses. In recent years, dry cleaners have also begun to implement these systems, despite there are only being a few solutions available that uniquely cater to dry cleaning businesses’ specific needs.

In this piece, we highlight four key ways that dry cleaning EPOS systems help such businesses. Here’s our take!

Eliminate Manual Processes With Dry Cleaning EPOS Systems

To this day, many dry cleaning businesses utilize manual and paper-based processes to keep track of their customers and orders. Often using purchase ledgers in the payment process, many businesses spend a hefty amount of money on stationery alone. A combination of manually-intensive processes and an increasing customer base would make growth very difficult for businesses operating in this segment – especially if they operate in multiple locations.

EPOS systems alleviate this problem entirely by providing businesses with an easy-to-use hardware and software solution that integrates all aspects of their operations into one single system. From the time that a customer walks into your outlet and hands in their dry cleaning items, to the point that they return to collect them, EPOS systems track all of this information – even if you have multiple locations.

Track and Monitor Your Customers’ Order Statuses

One of the major advantages of having an automated system like an EPOS solution is the synchronicity it provides. Systems like these let you monitor your customer order history and track order statuses from a single point of access, allowing you to provide your customers with timely and efficient services.

Instead of relying on paper records, like receipts and ledgers, you could have access to all this information electronically, which would make sorting and identification of your customers much simpler. Having all this information electronically would also enhance your delivery of services since you would be able to prioritize and track orders much easier. Another key advantage of this centrality is that you would also be able to monitor orders on multiple sites, allowing you to liaise with them accordingly, if necessary.

Integrate With Your Printers

Most dry cleaning businesses utilize specific tags for each of the laundry items they take in. These tags usually contain key pieces of information that help identify the customer, the service that has been requested, due date, and any additional information that may be required – this varies from one dry cleaner to another.

These water-proof tags are created either manually – being written down by staff/employees – or via an automated tagging system that prints the tags out with all the necessary customer information, through a special printer. It must be highlighted that each tag created manually, could take up to 3 minutes to make, while automated tags would take just a few seconds. It is for this reason why many establishments have switched over to automatic processes, in order to save time and, in the long run, money.

Tags are often just a tiny piece of paper. However, their significance to you and your customers cannot be overstated. In some instances, particularly with small dry cleaning establishments, this piece of paper is one of the few pieces of documentation that exists between the outlet and its customers.

You may already have these printers and systems within your premises, or you may still rely on manual processes. If you do use such a system and a printer, there are a few EPOS systems that integrate these printers into their overall functionality, allowing you to print directly from your terminal. For businesses that do not have these devices, there are also EPOS providers who supply these printers. Having dry cleaning EPOS systems within your premises will only boost this tag printing process even more.

Connect With Your Customers Via SMS Marketing

Customer retention is a critical part of any business, given that, on average, over 70% of a business’ revenue comes from existing customers. As a dry cleaning operation, your business benefits significantly from customers returning back to you on a recurring basis. EPOS systems can help facilitate this further by allowing you to communicate and engage with your customers through SMS. By using customer order history information, you will be able to determine the frequency of a specific customer’s visits, and send them offers/added incentives around the time they are expected to come in.

EPOS systems do not only have outreach capabilities – their ability to record and store informative pieces of customer-related data help businesses customize their approach. As a dry cleaning store, if you have a customer that regularly brings in a specific type of clothing, you could tailor your offers to this customer around that specific item, or to a complementary item.

Another added benefit of having SMS functionality built into your POS system is the relative ease it creates in sending out order-ready notifications to your customers. This functionality alone could reduce the amount of time you spend manually communicating this information, while also adding to the overall convenience of your customer. After all, most customers do love to stay informed!

Key Takeaways

As you can see, dry cleaning EPOS systems can help your dry cleaning business in a wide array of ways. If you would like more information on a solution that can help your business, sign up for a demo of eposEX! In the meantime stay tuned to this feed for more information!

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