Catering EPOS systems

Catering EPOS systems – 4 Ways To Optimise Operations Immediately!

Catering services are one of the most popular food services businesses being utilized in the world today. With convenience at the forefront of what customers are looking for, catering services are providing customized services to consumers directly to their home or business. However, as more requests come in and more customers requests catering services, handling these loads and demand can be quite cumbersome. Therefore, automation and electronic systems become essential for businesses looking to diversify and optimize their output. The good news is that the emergence of catering EPOS systems, which have facilitated modern businesses with the ability to absorb all this demand and execute at the highest level. In this piece, we cover four ways by which EPOS systems help catering businesses.

In this blog piece, we will run through several critical areas that pertain to businesses that are heavily dependent on catering services. We will cover how EPOS systems address and provide solutions to the core thematic areas of needs assessment, accuracy, delivery management, and the supplanting of any manual processes that surround catering businesses.

Needs Assessment

One of the fundamental ways in which EPOS systems have been game-changing for catering businesses is the manner in which they have successfully been able to identify and record the various needs per job. For example, with a customer in need of x-number of plates, as a manager, you will be able to capture this data and ensure that your production and kitchen staff is made aware of the quantity and volume of food required for that event.

On any given day, some of our customers run through hundreds of order requests, which can be incredibly difficult to capture and store as the busy day goes on. With the right EPOS system in place, your business and employees would be empowered with the ability to accurately capture and store all data pertaining to their customers’ requests. An EPOS system would also give you and your employees the ability to be able to access this information from a centralized and convenient location, without having to scour through a plethora of manual records and any additional documentation your business may have previously used.

Access to Accurate Data Via Catering EPOS Systems

In the world of business, ensuring that you have the most accurate and up-to-date information is critical to ensuring that your customers are able to deliver their services and/or goods on time. With the right EPOS system in place, your employees and managers will be able to record all pertinent information in a manner that is secure and accurate, thereby allowing them to supply and provide the respective service of your business in a timely manner.

By integrating with an EPOS system’s internal notification and process-tracking modules, your employees would have the opportunity to be notified when a catering order is due, what is required, and where it is required – all within the simplicity of a single point of access. With thousands of catering orders taking places across the United Kingdom on any given day, having a system in place that allows you to capture every bit of information relevant to your specific orders can set you apart against your competitors. With business rolling in every minute of every day, having access to a platform and system that allows you to accurately collect all your order information can be a game-changer.

Delivery Management and SMS Communication

Given that many catering businesses depend on effective delivery management services, based on your customers’ preferences, delivery management processes can be very important to many restaurants and food businesses  From tracking orders, accurately, to calculating prices, and applying takeaway discounts and delivery charges in a manual or less sophisticated system on days with normal activity can be challenging –  on busy days this becomes almost impossible. Without a comprehensive solution that automates this task for you, a delivery process would be incredibly inefficient, which is why many restaurants and food services businesses have moved in the direction of automation.

The eposEX EPOS system for restaurants comes with a delivery management module that supports table service charges, take away discounts, and distance based delivery charges. In just a few seconds, restaurant managers can go from taking in orders, adjusting charges and discounts, and finally to dispatching the orders. You can transform a complex and multi-faceted process into one short sequence of actions, thereby, enhancing your staff members’ efficiency and user experience, while enhancing your customers’ overall order experience.

Additionally, the SMS marketing module, included with certain POS systems like our eposEX system, lets you communicate directly with your customers via text, without having to spend money on calls or other alternative means. In the long run, you can expect to see significant savings due to this, in addition to overall customer satisfaction as a result of the overall convenience of conducting business via a platform that communicates with them in an accessible manner.

Eradication of Manual Processes

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing catering EPOS systems is the ability to completely eliminate manual processes that would otherwise take up a significant amount of time. Take for example the process of taking down a catering order manually.

From the minute a customer contacts you or your staff to set up a catering order, you would have to make note of this request in either your ledger or a notebook (organized chronologically). One of your staff members would then have to transfer this information over to your kitchen staff and your administrative staff, who would then have to make arrangements for the event that requires your catering services. All in all, the amount of time spent making note of the order and conveying it to the relevant staff would take hours if a week’s worth of orders were accumulated. With the right catering EPOS systems in place, you would have the ability to immediately store the relevant information in a centralized location that would then be accessible to all segments of your catering service line – from the kitchen to the delivery team.

Key Takeaways

EPOS systems help catering businesses in a wide array of ways, which we hope this piece has communicated effectively. If you would like more information and insights into how catering EPOS systems can help your catering business, let us know here and we will set you up with a personalized demo!

EPOS systems help business owners reduce certain costs of running their everyday business through efficiency and internal processes. Learn how our Restaurant EPOS system can help reduce costs in the UK.

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