Spatial arrangement is just one of the factors needed to create the ideal retail environment.

5 ways to create the perfect retail environment for your customers

With consumer habits changing, it’s more important than ever for you to create the perfect retail environment for your customers.

Creating the perfect environment is much more than just having the right spatial design in your brick and mortar stores (though its certainly one component). You must look beyond the arrangement of store space to stay ahead of your competition. You need to consider the best way to reach out to your customers, improve reporting capability, build the right customer care team and devise clever ways to engage your audience.

Creating the right retail environment

Improve reporting capability

Many independent retailers rely on old, cumbersome systems for their reporting and assessment. Those who stick with the old computer systems deny themselves the rich possibilities of more modern EPOS systems. With contemporary EPOS systems, you have access to analytics systems that generate thorough reports in less time compared to older systems. You can integrate sales from your digital with physical stores for more independent reporting and more. Some EPOS systems are cloud-based, meaning you can access your reports even when you are not at work. With EPOS systems, you can discover trends and insights that were otherwise impossible to find with older systems.

Know your customers

One of the benefits of improving reporting capability is gaining better knowledge about your customers. Beyond the basics like customer demographics, you also need to answer more in-depth questions like ‘How do customers engage with their consumer brands?’ ‘What is their ideal shopping experience?’ ‘What are their biggest concerns right now?’ All these questions prompt a better understanding of your target audience, allowing you to devise marketing campaigns, rearrange your retail space and conduct a host of changes that adjust your retail environment to reflect customer interests and values.

Using space to entice customers

The news media always projects doom and gloom about the retail space due to changing buying habits. While it’s true that more people are taking advantage of e-commerce, there is still value in the brick and mortar store. You can repurpose your retail environment by promising a ‘personalised’ experience, along with services that cannot be done over the internet. Furthermore, you can tweak your retail space to suit the personal tastes of your target demographic, rearranging the spatial design of your store, training your staff on the right way to communicate and so much more.

Experiential Retail using EPOS systems is also an up-and-coming trend that is being used by retailers to keep customers coming back to them through the use of space and customer experience.

Be more than a sales agent

With e-commerce being more convenient when it comes to shopping for goods and services, shoppers will show up to your store for one reason: An interactive experience. Customers want to interact with employees who are friendly, communicate well and are knowledgeable. Therefore, you need to hire someone who is more than just a customer care agent. You need to hire someone who can be an expert, consultant and even a friend of the customer. You will have to invest time and resources in creating the right team, but the pay off is significant because customer care is crucial for closing sales. The retail environment can have all the bells and whistles, but if the customer care team is cold, unfriendly and unhelpful, it will not drive traffic to the store.

Devise creative ways to entice your audience

Do your customers discuss your brand on social media? Do they go to forums? How do they feel about receiving an email from you? One of the easiest ways to entice customers is to find out where they are spending their time and get them to do business with you. If you have invested in an EPOS system, then you have several options to entice your customers to purchase from you. You can conduct an email or SMS marketing campaign, encourage your customers to download your mobile app and get receive exclusive discounts and information on the latest offering. You can even create an omnichannel marketing campaign based on the information from the EPOS reporting system.

Key takeaways

It’s crucial for creating the right retail environment for your customers if you want to succeed as a retail brand. Creating the right environment means making judicious use of both retail and e-commerce assets to engage with customers and entice them to buy from you. The process is made much easier with EPOS systems due to better reporting (vital for gaining a better understanding of customers) and access to marketing options.

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Watchers says March 26, 2019

To generate sales without cutting margins and avoid partaking in this race to the bottom, retailers should think about how else they can offer value to their customers. A sure-fire way that retailers can do this is to provide a service that shoppers cannot get elsewhere and are willing to pay a premium for.

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