Loyalty programs and App integrations with EPOS systems

App integrations with EPOS systems

Business owners are increasingly looking to leverage a variety of capabilities from their EPOS systems. More specifically, businesses are interested in integrating all their various systems into one centralised portal. Integration between systems opens up capabilities on both the operations side, including kitchen efficiency and better intelligence, in addition, to the customer-facing side. This includes things such as mobile and online ordering – in addition to more sophisticated loyalty programs. App integrations with EPOS systems, therefore facilitate customised solutions for your business’ needs and ensure flexibility to embrace any new advancements within your industry.

From omnichannel integration to smart stock control and merchandising, CRM and marketing capabilities to advanced data analytics, businesses nowadays demand EPOS platforms that offer far more than just payment and checkout. Just as important as the breadth of capabilities, they are looking for bespoke solutions that fit their precise needs and play a role in improving the overall efficiency of their business.

Can your EPOS system facilitate the flexible integrations of apps?

Software are inherently flexible. Software-oriented EPOS providers offer the flexibility you need to deliver personalised services and the EPOS market now relies on specialist providers who develop niche platforms to meet the needs of different verticals.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to a smooth EPOS integration — or integration of any technology type for that matter — is connecting disparate systems. Trying to get different systems to talk to one another takes time and financial investment for both the operators and the vendors involved. The number of apps targeting your business’ needs is growing exponentially. From cloud-based accounting packages to reservations or online delivery services, these apps lend a valuable helping hand to many business owners.

However, the problem until now has been that these apps simply don’t integrate with the hundreds of different point-of-sales systems currently on the market. There are a few superior EPOS systems that facilitate integrations and have inbuilt apps that cater to pivotal needs of a business.

Increase efficiency via app integrations with EPOS systems

Did you know that your EPOS system has the ability to integrate with apps that supercharge your business? Interested in increasing customer engagement?

With a growing number of point-of-sale systems now offering their own loyalty functionality, some systems offer integration with existing rewards programs such as Loyaltree, giving merchants the luxury of having fewer reasons to pay for separate software systems when managing their businesses. Use your EPOS system to market your businesses and encourage repeat visits, in addition to managing payments and processing transactions.

With completely hardware-inclusive systems that connect with your current POS needs, these apps step up the game by instantly providing your customers with the benefits of loyalty programs, mobile coupons, and more, within your existing EPOS infrastructure.

Why use two separate platforms to process payments and run customer rewards programs when you could use just one?

Integrate vital accounting systems

When it comes to integrating superior accounting software with your EPOS system, the right systems will allow you work with an accounting solution that functions in conjunction with your point of sale software to provide clean, simple to read reporting. This will ensure that your numbers are actionable and easy to decipher. Not only will your accounting bills go down, but your understanding of your business–and what is going in and coming out–will help you run a smoother operation

Key takeaways

EPOS systems are able to integrate directly with several of the best business and productivity-enhancing apps around. With the continuous advancement of technology and consumer needs, apps are being created in the millions. Knowing that your reliable EPOS system is able to integrate with any of them to bring to you, and your customers, the best service is one of its crowning jewels.

Overall, all you need is to pair the right apps and solutions with a flexible point of sale software resource to account for all of it. When you employ the ‘best in class’ resources across the board, you’ll help your business reach their optimal potential. The possibilities are truly endless.

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