Benefits of EPOS systems

3 benefits of EPOS systems and why ours are good for your business

Driven by the influx of a variety of factors from the recently instated GDPR, constantly improving technological advancements, and the demand for rapid business transactions, many organisations around the UK and the world are turning to EPOS systems. Why? From completely automating and digitising traditionally rigorous tasks like inventory management and employee management (to name a few), benefits of EPOS systems have allowed business to meet GDPR compliance, but also do really well.

With so many options and iterations out there, it’s very difficult to decide on which solution to go for and, perhaps most importantly, which one addresses the needs of your organisation the best. From the original hardware-heavy systems to flexible systems to the less integrative solutions, deciding on the right one for your business requires careful consideration and a clear evaluation of several factors.

It goes without saying that the benefits of EPOS systems have emerged as a favourite for most businesses after the vital combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. Here are three benefits of EPOS systems and why you, as a business owner, needs to consider one for your establishment.

Benefits of EPOS systems are easy to install, maintain, and manage.

With how fast things move in the modern business landscape, speed and efficiency are priorities for just about anyone. The same applies to the various applications and equipment that are used – especially EPOS systems and other transaction facilitating devices. Think about it for a second. Slow transactions and payments means fewer sales per days, which in turn means less revenue generated. Traditional methods that depend heavily on manual tasks are no longer feasible. Additionally, older and more hardware-intensive EPOS systems, while slightly faster than manual operations, are as ineffective in today’s world.

Benefits of EPOS systems are extremely viable, as they are extremely easy to setup and run. Once setup, the interface and constant support provided by our team make handling and using these systems a seamless operation. All our team would need to do is visit your establishment(s), determine your requirements, and customise our systems (if needed) to meet your business’ needs. It’s that easy!

Enjoy better visibility into your inventory

As important as it is to track sales and facilitate revenue generation, monitoring inventory is equally important. Failing to have stock of a particular item at the right time could mean losing potential customers to a competitor with superior inventory management capabilities.

Benefits of EPOS systems are specifically known for their inventory management functionality, given that we’ve helped all our customers who rely on that feature to effectively manage their stock – sometimes, across multiple sites. What’s even better about our EPOS systems is that all data and information is updated in real-time, which means that worrying about the accuracy of your information is a thing of the past! To complement our powerful inventory management functionality, another feature our systems are know for is…

Accurate and comprehensive reporting!

What good would an EPOS system if all it did was support your existing operations and current way of doing business. That’s easy – not very good. Fortunately, our EPOS systems are packed with powerful reporting functionality that provides business owners (a.k.a. you!) with valuable insights into how well their operations are being handled.

You can use these insights to identify areas where you aren’t doing so great, identify why this is, and how you can adjust. For example, you can identify a particular product that isn’t moving well, which alternative is, and what type of customer is buying this item – based on a variety of factors from age, gender, and location, to name a few. These reports can also be used to forecast precisely when you can expect to run out of stock – allowing you to plan ahead of time and avoid overestimating or underestimating your orders. You’d be amazed at how much businesses lose out by simply failing to plan their orders right.

With so many options to choose from, it’s extremely important that you opt for a solution that best meets your business’ requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at EposEx for more on how we can help your business through our range of EPOS devices and services. Helping you remain GDPR compliant, post-purchase, is all part of the deal.

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