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Carpe Diem! Seize the benefits of tech with hospitality EPOS software

The restaurant industry is being disrupted by technology.

Apps, mobile devices and the internet are changing the hospitality industry, and restaurants are in danger of being left behind them. Online ordering and cloud kitchens are just some of the trends that are taking precious foot traffic away from restaurants. Uber is just one major tech company disrupting the business, but Amazon and Google are also getting in on the action. All of these trends make it look like technology is going to put an end to restaurants. However, that’s doesn’t have to be the case. This blog post explores how they can use tech to their advantage so that they gain some of the benefits of technology using hospitality EPOS software. Tech companies do not have to be the sole beneficiaries of people’s desire for food. 

Tech giants changing the industry

Uber Eats has become very popular over the years with millions of users ordering food on a daily basis. However, established tech giants like Amazon and Google are set to disrupt the industry even more with their own services. Amazon is set to invest 450 million pounds in a brand new delivery service called Deliveroo as it tries to break into the food and groceries market. Meanwhile, Google is promising to make an even bigger impact by giving people the option to order food without going through an app. By using Google search, Maps and even the Google Assistant, users will be able to find a restaurant and order directly through the SERP without going through an app. 

These trends are going to have an impact on the restaurant business because it is going to make ordering more convenient for customers. With more delivery options and the choice not to go through a separate app, customers will choose that level of convenience over going to a restaurant. Furthermore, as delivery apps like UberEat and Deliveroo compete, they will entice people to order through their channel by offering discounts and deals, only reinforcing the option to order online rather than go to a restaurant. 

What can restaurants do to seize the future?

While the future of restaurants does look bleak, it doesn’t have to be the end of the restaurant business as we still need it. This doesn’t have to be the case if restaurants embrace technology and change their business model, accordingly. While restaurants cannot completely ignore the effects of technology (not without risking closure), they can use technology, like hospitality EPOS software to strengthen their business model and prepare for the future. 

Get into online ordering

Online ordering generates millions of pounds in revenue, so restaurants would be foolish not to cater to the people who want to have their food from home. Restaurants can cater to that audience and get a steady trickle of revenue using one of two options. First, restaurant owners can partner with Uber and other delivery apps to gain access to a large customer base. However, the drawback is that the delivery apps will take a cut from the order, which means less revenue. On the other hand, restaurants can build their app and integrate the app into their systems using hospitality EPOS software. They will have to put more effort into building an engaged customer base, but they will also gain the full revenue of each order.

Besides online ordering facilities, restaurants have to take into consideration what their target audience wants. For example, fried food could end up being soggy because it spent too much time in the container. Instead, look for solutions, like a separate menu for online orders or different cooking techniques. For example, Burger King partially cooks fries for online orders and puts them in containers at a precise time, so that they continue cooking on route to the person who paid for the order.

Analysing data for marketing opportunities 

Predictive analytics can provide marketing opportunities for restaurants they didn’t know existed. Customer orders, location, demographics and frequency of visits can provide a treasure trove of information if restaurant owners have the means to collect and analyse it. For example, owners would recognise that orders for cool drinks and icecreams on sunny weather are in high demand and send messages to previous customers. The ability to collect and analyse information can be found, with ease, in hospitality EPOS software.

Seize the future with hospitality EPOS software
The best way to start preparing for the future is by investing in hospitality EPOS software. The software provides the digital infrastructure restaurants need to prepare for the future. EPOS systems allow restaurant owners to perform several functions like SMS marketing, email marketing, inventory management, mobile app integration, delivery tracking and integrating chip & pin. Hospitality EPOS software is especially perfect for small and medium-sized restaurants who want to engage directly with their customer base.

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