Turn your fortunes around
with eposEX!

We are offering a special offer on online ordering with
eposEX to help you during this time.

Learn how our online ordering can help you adapt in these tough times by downloading a brochure! 

Has the lockdown forced you to close your business? We understand you are going through a tough time with few options at your disposal. So, we are offering an exclusive discount on online ordering! Reopen your business again and set yourself up for future success with a little help from eposEX!

Benefits of eposEX online ordering.

Engage your customers with targeted marketing.

Streamline management
of customer data.

Access on both desktop and mobile devices.

Customise the UI to
match your preferences. 

Co-ordinate with any
branches you have.

Get up and running
within minutes!

Terms of the offer

Want to know the terms of the offer? Happy to help!

For a fee, we will get an EPOS software with the online ordering system. We are also providing free hosting, so you can get up and running as quickly as possible. Just sit back and let us handle the work! 



*Prices mentioned are for software only. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Key features of eposEX online ordering

Customizable UI

Setup your website, app and menu as you see fit! The EPOS software and online ordering system can be easily customised to suit your preferences.

Automated Marketing

Grow your customer base with automated, targeted marketing. Communicate with your customer base using built-in SMS and email.

Customer support for any rainy day!

Support from
Monday to Sunday

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