Fast, efficient delivery service will improve sales for online and physical retail stores.

Why delivery service is invaluable for retail

Delivery service is important if companies in retail (e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores) want to stand out from their competition.

There are thousands of e-commerce stores operating in the UK, addressing every possible niche. Some industries, like those that are technology-focused, have hundreds of stores competing for the same set of customers. Even brick-and-mortar stores are becoming competitive because UK shoppers have money to spend, with billions of pounds spent on Christmas shopping during 2018. What can brick-and-mortar stores do to improve sales? How do online stores distinguish themselves from their competitors? The answer is delivery, given that customers are partial to stores offering fast, efficient delivery service.

Delivery service and its importance to e-commerce stores

A crucial factor in buying

E-commerce stores live and die by their delivery service. They can offer the best deals on the best products, but if they have a reputation for poor delivery, consumers will not buy from them. Delivery must be integrated into every aspect of the buying process and not just the tail-end when the customer confirms the order. According to the State of eCommerce Delivery Report 2018 from MetaPack, 75% of surveyed customers want to see their delivery options on the product page. What does this mean?

It means customers consider delivery, price and quality equally important. E-commerce stores who fail to add delivery options in their product pages can lose as much as 75% of their potential customers. Therefore, it’s safe to say that e-commerce stores live and die by their delivery options and how well they communicate these options to customers.

Set expectations

Customers form their impression of an e-commerce store based on delivery service. Therefore, it’s important for stores to set the right expectations, so their customers have a positive experience. For example, with a delivery tracking service, e-commerce stores can help customers set their expectations for when their order will arrive at their doorstep. Delivery tracking is quite important, given that 80% of customers use delivery tracking, to know when their goods arrive.

Setting the right expectations means the customer will not have unrealistic expectations of the store. Most customers form their opinion of an e-commerce store based on their delivery experience. Therefore, its important for e-commerce stores to communicate and set the right expectations with customers using systems, like delivery tracking.

More sales and customers

An e-commerce store with a fantastic delivery service will bring in more customers, but poor service will drive customers away. Customers with a negative experience will leave negative reviews online. To make matters worse, most customers say that negative comments will drive them away from a store. Thus, poor delivery results in low sales and a smaller customer base. By contrast, excellent delivery service brings in more customers and better business.

Customers are more likely to leave positive reviews when service is satisfactory, encouraging more people to come in through word-of-mouth. Furthermore, consumers are willing to spend more to get their order faster – 70% paid extra for one-hour or same-day delivery options, while another 75% bought more items because they wanted the minimum spend ‘free delivery’ option. Hence, e-commerce stores make more money when they have a reputation for fantastic delivery.

How can brick-and-mortar stores benefit with a delivery service?

Boost sales

Brick-and-mortar stores can use the benefits of a delivery service to build customer loyalty. Some customers can visit a store, select what they want, and have it delivered to their doorstep, instead of waiting at checkout to purchase their products. Customers value convenience over everything else. Therefore, stores that make the shopping experience as easy, as possible will benefit. Naturally, an excellent delivery system is a great way to bring in more customers.

Omnichannel experience

Brick-and-mortar stores can provide an omnichannel experience to boost sales. With the convenience of online shopping, many customers now have different reasons for visiting a store. Instead of just buying at the best price, most customers now treat a visit to the brick-and-mortar store as an ‘experimental experience’. Brick-and-mortar store owners can make an excellent first impression with a great buying experience.

Store owners can then use different methods like email newsletters, SMS marketing and free delivery options to entice customers to do more business with them. Thus, paving the way for an omnichannel experience, which is something consumers crave from their shopping experience.

Key takeaways

A fantastic delivery service is a great asset for both e-commerce stores and brick-and-mortar shops. Stores that deliver products quickly and without hassle will boost sales through a larger and more loyal customer base. Customers consider delivery equally important to price and will make the final decision to buy or not based on the delivery options available. Therefore, online and physical stores should invest in robust delivery systems to remain competitive.

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