Effective staff management using EPOS systems

Effective staff management using EPOS systems

Keeping on top of your employee reviews, training, incentives and day-to-day communications can be hard work, particularly when you have so many other tasks to juggle. It can also cost you extensively in time and money. Yet, these processes are essential to the efficient running of your business and cannot be overlooked or ignored. Effective staff management need not be a mammoth task if you are using the right EPOS system.

An EPOS system helps you look after the needs of all your workers. Many businesses work better with a POS system, as it provides more flexibility and ease to the employees. It also elevates your operation and provides the customer experience that you would want to provide. But how exactly can we manage employees when using an EPOS system?

Read on to find out how your trusty EPOS system can help you manage your staff effectively.

Effective staff management – Tracking activity to managing payroll

View clock-ins, clock-outs, and staff activity with the staff punch clock. Time clocks are tightly regulated using your trusty  EPOS system – this gives way for you be able to monitor the total number of hours employees are working.

Overtime pay is difficult to track when there are several workers in the store. This is especially true for holiday seasons and peak periods. Running payroll reports could reduce discrepancies associated with erroneous payout amounts and delayed payments. Workers could also monitor how many hours they have completed in the week by logging into their profile or viewing the public dashboard.

Evaluate and reward star performers

One of the first things you should look at when analysing your wait staff’s performance is the average check size of the tables they’re serving. With that information, you can pinpoint who is the best at suggestive selling techniques. These are your star performers; the ones who bring in the most revenue for your restaurant. With this information, you can provide incentives to those employees that do go above and beyond to serve your establishment. Incentives drive up the performance of all employees and the system could be transparent keeping no room for any allegations of favouritism.

Analyse sales by the hour of the day

The idea here is to pinpoint the days and times where your restaurant is making the most sales. Those are the times that you want your best staff working since you know they drive better results. You can download easy-to-understand sales reports directly from your POS that will clearly show you this information, without the hassle of manually calculating anything. By seizing this opportunity you are able to optimise your operations and further strengthen the bottom line.

Schedule for success and train your employees

Plan for your best wait staff to work during the busiest hours as often as possible. As for your weaker staff, take the opportunity to sit down with them and discuss the areas where they can improve.

For instance, if you notice that one of your employees needs help with upselling, flipping or setting tables consider having them shadow an employee who excels at those tasks would do them good. Some people are visual learners, giving them the opportunity to observe how your best employees work can go a long way.

Who you schedule, and when you schedule them, plays a big role in your restaurant’s profitability, so make sure that you use your employee and sales data to your advantage. The right technology makes this information easy to access, interpret, and use in your decision-making process.

Key takeaways

Staff training and management doesn’t need to be a headache, no matter how large or small your business. An EPOS system can help build an infrastructure for better operations and effective staff management.

For more information on how to use EPOS systems for doling out effective staff management strategies, visit our site.

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