Eliminating waste with EPOS

Eliminating waste with EPOS systems in the hospitality industry

Make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and manage your waste and ultimately your time more effectively. Eliminating waste with EPOS systems is revolutionising how you go about your business’ operations. With the accuracy and efficiency of your trusty EPOS system, you are now able to seamlessly streamline your operations and supersize your profits by eliminating waste through the smart data analytics system provided.

In this blog, we explore the many ways you can go about in eliminating waste with EPOS systems and concurrently supercharge your profits effectively.

Effectively eliminating waste with EPOS systems

Roughly 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted globally each year. You can easily track all elements of wastage in your business with your EPOS system. Eliminating waste with EPOS systems is seamless as the system keeps tabs on what’s being thrown out during the preparation process and what your customers pay for and don’t eat.

This will help you evaluate everything in your restaurant, from portion sizes to menu choices and cooking techniques. The system helps you track patterns and see why things are being thrown out, so you can make decisions to minimise lost costs.

Supercharge your sales with powerful pricing strategies

By being agile with your pricing strategy, you can really help your business succeed. The EPOS system tracks sales over time, so you can find out the most attractive price point for your products that generate the most money. By utilizing powerful pricing strategies you are able to optimize your sales by giving you the necessary data so your business can make your menu more appealing and popular to cater to the masses. A good pricing strategy is also known to help improve customer loyalty

More customers mean more sales despite reducing your price point as you may be better utilising what’s on the menu instead of it going to waste and being ignored due to its high pricing. For products that aren’t selling so well, try a promotional offer to increase their popularity.

Maximise your menu and adopt smarter sales tactics

Furthermore, maximise your menu with your EPOS system. This system will help you tailor your menu to your customer’s desires and clear out items that could be nearing its perishable date. Your most reliable menu items will be highlighted by the system, and you should use this information accordingly – consider advertising them in your restaurant or including them as part of a special promotion.

Smarter sales tactics can be employed to reduce waste. If you’re planning to create a new menu for your restaurant, perhaps a set of tailored cocktails or special wines, you can take an expert look at your EPOS data to see what people order in specific combinations. You can then use this to prepare waiting staff to recommend drinks pairings that will work well with menu items that sell well.

Handling turbulent overproduction and overprocessing woes

By using EPOS systems to streamline orders you can cut the risk of overproduction, whether it is delivery, eat-in or in-store pickup, you need only prepare exactly that many orders as is needed. There is no need to have food prepared, refrigerated and reheated. Breeze through over processing hurdles using the accuracy and efficiency of an EPOS system. This system allows you to prepare orders to perfection every time as EPOS analytics indicates what exact ingredients you need and may have run out of.

EPOS systems analytical insights to the rescue

Once you’ve been analysing your restaurant’s data for a while, you’ll definitely start to notice trends in your business – your busiest times of day, or how holidays and even the weather affect trade. You’ll even be able to spot surges in popularity of particular dishes or drinks. Armed with insights like these, you’ll be able to refine what you order from suppliers and better plan your staffing needs. All of which will save you money and boost your profit.

Using an EPOS system to get deliveries done on time to the correct address, by placing supplier orders with the correct quantity and on time eliminates the need for emergency purchasing running out of stock. Also since your EPOS system is receiving the orders, through all channels, integrating with kitchen screens tells you exactly who ordered what which eliminates preparing wrong orders. Also, if you’ve run out of ingredients for a particular item on the menu, the EPOS system will alert you and the order can be changed on the spot without causing any conflict

EPOS does the grunt work and reduces the need for the hiring of staff.

Using EPOS with waiter pads reduces wait staff movement significantly, or equipping tables with self-ordering tabs and self-serving eliminates the need for wait staff entirely. This system if properly utilised could offer a seamless option for your operations.With your EPOS system doing the laborious tedious aspect of your work you are able to focus your resources and attention to other matters while cutting down costs of hiring additional staff members.

Key takeaways

The world of business is powered by data insights. Whether you’re a big operator or a small independent restaurant, managing this information correctly will help you rise above your competitors, increase your revenue and maximise your profit margins. Nobody wants to spend their evenings labouriously crunching numbers, EPOS systems to do the legwork for you and ensure that you are armed with the right information and features to assist you in the effective and seamless management of your establishment’s operations. To learn more on how to eliminate waste with EPOS systems visit eposEX.

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