EPOS for hospitality

EPOS for Hospitality – Revolutionising the Industry

The exponential growth in the technological sector gives birth to innovative ways to change the way we live our lives and for the hospitality industry, the most dramatic developments are taking place thanks to the latest, highly sophisticated and user-friendly POS systems. EPOS for hospitality helps make businesses within the hospitality industry more efficient, streamlined, and profitable in many various ways. The larger a business is, the more prevalent the need to implement such a system is. EPOS systems have become the norm for even the smallest hospitality ventures and can be affordable, simple to use, and highly effective.

Today’s guests and customers are now accustomed to personalized service that is smoother and more efficient than ever before, thanks to better customer data and faster payment systems that eliminate the laborious processes of the past. So, in order stay ahead of the game, it’s vital for those in the hospitality world to stay ahead of the latest innovations in point of sale technology.

Seamless inventory and staff management

Whether you are running a lush boutique hotel or a homely Airbnb, an electronic point of sales system will help you manage a guest’s stay from check-in through to check out, including every visit to the bar and restaurant in between. For hotels, a POS system can link a hotel property management system with the restaurant or spa, so all transactions and data are in a centralized location. Inventory management is made seamless with the inventory management software controlling and tracking the products and goods used to ensure a steady inventory list and that no client goes without.

Staff management becomes a breeze using EPOS for hospitality. The systems offer a secure system whilst drastically reducing the possibility of transaction manipulation. It ensures accurate and seamless management of an establishment’s staff.  A solution to a problem plaguing the mismanaged workforce in the UK should be an electronic point of sale system – after all, 49% of workers cite poor management as the reason they would seek a new job. Thus EPOS for hospitality would reduce dissatisfaction stemming from a largely mismanaged workforce optimizing efficiency and ensuring accuracy through the platforms.

Quick and easy payment options

If your hospitality business is to gain a competitive lead, it needs to take advantage of the positive transformation that can be achieved with today’s state-of-the-art POS systems. Today’s hospitality outlets are utilizing new payment functionalities that remove the traditional, time-consuming ritual for customers of waiting for service staff to bring them the bill. The rewards of this transformation are great; with the right EPOS system, you can help your customers pay quicker and more efficiently, even during peak times and several reports have reiterated that EPOS is the next big trend that will take over the traditionally tedious payment options.

Invaluable market research

But it’s not just about faster payments and quicker queues. Arguably the real jewel in the crown of today’s intelligent POS systems is the unprecedented access they offer to detailed customer data,  letting you view overall trends as well as zooming in on individual customers’ patterns and preferences.

The kingpins of hospitality are reaping the benefits of highly sophisticated loyalty schemes, retaining valuable customers by analyzing their regulars’ habits to offer a highly personalized service, tailored just to them. For any type of consumer-facing operation, repeat business is good business. With the costs of encouraging existing customers to come back so much lower than attracting new business, loyalty schemes consistently offer great value compared to most other marketing strategies. With a focus on providing niche features for different market sectors, many businesses find that new POS platforms they have installed are already set up to run a card scheme.

Key takeaways about EPOS for hospitality

With all these services in play, Electronic Point of Sale, systems are must-haves in the sector. If your hospitality business can stand out from its range of diverse competitors, then the EPOS system that you’ve invested in will become indispensable.

Whatever your specialty within the hospitality industry, it’s likely that your competitors are already taking advantages of the transformative powers of EPOS. And with all the benefits that the latest technology offers – faster service, better data, happier customers – it’s clear that the latest POS systems hold the key to the future of hospitality.

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