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Customer Relationship Management – 3 Ways EPOS Systems Support

Electronic point of sale systems are transforming the way we do business – especially with the latest software improvements found in some systems. There really is no way businesses that have a good EPOS system in place are going back to what they used to have – only forward! The latest updates have made it easier for businesses from varying industries to handle all their processes and operations – not just the point of sale function. One of these critical areas happens to be customer relationship management (CRM), which is important for any business since that is where a large portion of their revenue is derived from.

So, are you wondering how exactly some EPOS systems help with customer relationship management? You’re in luck! In this piece, we take you through 3 different ways the right system can help bring you closer to your customers, for longer lasting and more fruitful relationships. Remember, at the end of every successful customer relationship endeavour, both you and your customers are the winners!

As opposed to conventional EPOS systems that just complete orders and payments from a standalone terminal, modern systems are capable of so much more! From processing credit cards using mobile devices and integrating with other software and hardware used within business premises, some modern systems truly do pack a punch. eposEX is one of these systems and in the sections below, you will see exactly why it can help you build on and improve your customer relationships.

Let’s dive in!

Improve Your Customer Experience –> Improve Sales

Everybody loves a good listener. That is precisely what the right system can turn you into for your customers. Our system, for example, pays attention to what your customers want and need, collects this data, and presents it to you in attractive reports – so, when you want to know which customers to target with a specific offer/promotion, the system has your back! With a customer relationship management-friendly system in place, businesses of all sizes can easily collect and keep track of customer preferences and buying histories, in addition to other individualized details like personal tastes, allergies, aversions, to name a few.

Not only does this information help businesses identify where to target their promotions and offers, but it also adds another dimension to their outbound prospecting capabilities in the form of targeted marketing campaigns and up-sell strategies at the point of sale. With the right message tailored to your customers, you could have them come in more frequently – who knows, they might even bring a few friends!

Streamline Operations for Your Various Departments

Even if you operate as a small business, you probably have your operations segmented into various functions. For example, marketing, finance, procurement and sourcing, and sales could be a few of the departments you have – even if only in the smallest capacity. Therefore, distributing and sharing information among your teams can often time be chaotic. Fortunately, with the right EPOS system in place, you can alleviate this problem entirely!

Given the vast amount of data being collected at a given time, your system, if implemented correctly, could collect and feed your various functions with the information they need. Your marketing team would be able to access information that pertains to buying trends and preferences. Your finance team would gain access to data that provides insights into where you can make the most money and where you are losing the most. Similarly, your procurement and sourcing team would have access to information that indicates when your stock needs to be reordered, among other inventory management-related queries.

As your business continues to grow, making sure your respective functions are operating at their maximum possible capacity will be key to sustaining your growth. For successful growth to take place, each wheel of your operation will need to turn in sync with the other, which is why these insights are incredibly important to you. Make sure you implement a system that empowers you with function-specific information and insights!

Identify Your Most Loyal Customers and Target Them

Don’t get us wrong – all customers are important and making each and every one of them happy should be a core priority. However, having a targeted approach for the customers who are naturally inclined to your business can go a long way too. To do this you would need the right data. Fortunately, with a powerful EPOS system in place, you could have access to all the insights you need to determine which of your customers are most loyal to you.

Once you have this information, you can go after these customers and keep them coming back to your business. You could also determine which of these customers are likely to spend the most and encourage them to purchase more with various promotions and offers. This strategy would work extremely well with loyalty programs, rewards systems, and gift card functionality built into your EPOS system.

Key Takeaways About Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management should be one of your business’ core priorities. While we have highlighted just three ways an EPOS system can help you in this regard, get in touch with us for additional information. One of our reps would be happy to speak with you!

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