One key discussion about the application of this technology is often found in conversations centred around the value of EPOS systems for franchisers.

Why EPOS Systems For Franchisers is a Good Idea

EPOS systems are changing the game for businesses around the world. From streamlining staff management to making inventory management far more efficient to enhance the overall processes of businesses, EPOS systems are only going to increase in value and functionality over time. One key discussion about the application of this technology is often found in conversations centred around the value of EPOS systems for franchisers.

With multiple sites and locations, combined with large stock volumes, and a constantly growing number of staff members, centralised management is critical to modern businesses. Given the vast reach of a typical franchiser’s operations, it’s simply impossible for them to function without the aid of the functionality provided by a powerful EPOS system.

In this article, we provide a thorough rundown of three key ways that EPOS systems help franchisers. However, before that, let’s take a look at the dynamic relationship between a franchiser and franchisee.

The franchiser/franchisee dynamic

Before we dive into the benefits of EPOS systems for franchisers, it’s important to understand/clarify the dynamic between a franchiser and franchisee – this is especially important if you’re are looking to engage in a franchiser/franchisee agreement. This relationship is one of the reasons why EPOS systems are highly sought out by franchisers.

A franchiser is essentially the license owner who has control over the trademark of a particular good or service. The franchisee is the party that is licensed to use the franchiser’s trademark and any equipment/systems that are provided by them, in addition to any stipulations spelt out in a franchise agreement. However, the franchisee is typically entirely responsible for their own operations and performance of their business.

It goes without saying, though, that most, if not all, franchisers aspire to see their franchisees succeed, which is why they provide them with powerful systems and tools like EPOS systems. Now, let’s look at a few of the benefits of EPOS systems for franchisers and why they play an instrumental role in helping these operations run as smoothly as possible.

Benefit #1: EPOS systems for franchisers facilitate scaling up with ease

In the world of franchising, scaling up is a big driver of success. The ability for a franchiser to grow their operations across multiple sites with ease will determine how successful their brand, product, or service can generate more revenue.

One major reason behind franchising is that establishments want to replicate and leverage a way of doing business that has worked and has a history of great success. That’s why many successful franchisers have scaled with ease. The main catch to this? To successfully achieve this, franchisers need the right systems that can seamlessly integrate new franchisees with their mode and style of operation – with limited costs.

With an EPOS system provided by a reputed supplier, franchisers will be able to scale their operations and incorporate new franchisees into their point of sale network with ease and in no time. All a franchiser would need to do is provide the system loaded with functionality, universal to all its establishments.

With a system like ours, the franchisee would simply need access to the internet and our system could be on its way to transforming your operations. The lack of delays means that franchisers can spend less time on onboarding and more time on adding value while growing their network of franchisees.

Benefit #2: Improve centralised management of operations

Whether you operate a handful of locations or a vast network of global establishments, management is key. Being on top of every aspect of your business’ performance will allow you to make the right moves that will not only grow your operations but prevent the risk of them falling back.

EPOS systems for franchisers allow them to remotely perceive how successful each of their franchisees are performing, where the greatest pain points lie, and where the greatest opportunities are. The right EPOS systems will give provide franchisers with real time views over their sales and inventory operations – giving them the intelligence required to make split second, revenue-generating decisions. As prices change and as promotions roll in, franchisers can seamlessly communicate and orchestrate this information out to all their franchisees or a select few of their choosing.

Benefit #3: Make your franchisees’ quality of service as good as your main base of operations

From inventory management to stock management to loyalty programs, you can guarantee that your franchisee is representing your brand as well it should be. EPOS systems help you carefully monitor and manage your respective sites, know which ones are your best customers, and tailor special approaches to nurture them further. Additionally, if you’re concerned about your staff’s performance, you can use your EPOS system as an extension of your benchmarks, apply them to franchisee employees, and improve overall franchisee performance as a result. Remember, franchisees would need to adhere to the standards of the franchiser.

Keep in mind that your franchisee will only go as far as the staff employed within it, which is why it’s so important to make sure your business’ values, ethics, and approaches are communicated and enforced across all franchisees. EPOS systems are by far one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of achieving this.

If you’d like to know more about how an EPOS system can transform the way you do business with your franchisees, give us a call or request a demo for a personalised preview of our powerful EPOS systems for franchisers.

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