Waiter Pads and Handheld Devices – How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Any business’ primary concern is staying ahead of the game. In the present context where trends and consumption patterns are ever changing, companies need to ensure they’re equipped with the right tools and services to maximise customer satisfaction, and more crucially, that they stick around. In this context, technological services such as an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system is most beneficial, especially if you’re attracting a diverse range of consumers with myriad tastes and preferences, as well as if you’re looking to manage your company more effectively. EPOS systems support the configuration of waiter pads and handheld devices into their overall setup and are increasingly used in a range of stores and restaurants to give customers a highly personalised approach to shopping and dining, along with optimising managerial aspects of a business.

So what is EPOS? Simplistically, the system performs a cash register service. However, it also is very much more complex and useful, given the data it processes, enabling its users to undertake inventory management, as well as perform crucial sales analytics. This gives you information such as when to restock your products and which item is selling best, allowing you to ascertain consumption patterns and preferences. The advent of technology has now enabled such a complex system to be linked to and executed through something as compact and convenient as a waiter pad or handheld device, which is perfect for a wide range of businesses when interacting with tech-savvy customers of the present age.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look below for how to make your operations run smoother with a handheld EPOS system at work!

High customer satisfaction

Handheld devices and waiters pads have become a common feature with EPOS systems, making its appearance in a number of business settings including retail and fast-food enterprises. Deploying such tools through your employees allows you to give your customers a highly tailored experience, for instance identifying products which are similar to previous purchases, preferences, location etc. This kind of experience works exceptionally well if you’re operating in a retail setting.

Such systems may also make the overall shopping experience more expedient, especially if customers are given the option of placing orders and purchasing items through such devices. You can also allow your clients to take a look at your inventory and other details about your products before they place orders. This allows for a highly accurate ordering process and a truly hassle-free way of going about your business, especially in the wholesale market. Such in-store setups have reported high success in ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as in driving up sales and has been piloted in leading retail companies. You can couple this together with loyalty programme and discounts, another aspect EPOS systems are exceptionally good at managing, and ensure your customer keeps coming back for more!

Such an arrangement is also highly appealing in a restaurant or cafe setting, where servers are no longer required to walk around with old-fashioned notebooks and pens. You may even no longer require menus if you’re looking at cutting down long-term costs! All you need are a few tech-savvy millennials presenting tablet devices to customers who can scroll through a digitised menu at ease, and place their order on the tab itself, reducing the possibility of human errors in the process. If you’re running a smaller business and want to keep your costs at a minimum, you could even set your devices up in such a way that an order placed through the customer’s tab is directly transmitted to your kitchen crew!

Easier and more effective management via waiter pads

Waiter pads linked to an EPOS system also enables you to manage your store more efficiently and with greater ease. With these, you can manage large departmental stores, supermarkets, restaurants and the like, on the go! Some functions could include figuring out where most customers are and thus where to deploy store employees for on-site assistance, as well as allowing for faster communication between employees with similar devices in hand. This will also assist managers in better running the store by coordinating break times, and other relevant managerial functions, with a simple click of a button, wherever they are, without ever having to sit down at their workstation!

EPOS also allows for more dynamic ways of training your staff as they work, including through augmented reality!

Cost-efficiency and low maintenance

Given that the waiter pads and handheld devices connect to the main EPOS system, purchase and maintenance cost for these devices are relatively low. This is what makes this particular setup highly appealing to medium and even small-scale companies, who can purchase waiter pads and deploy them at stores and restaurants with ease. Given that almost everyone is familiar with tablet software and technology, not too much time or resources would be needed to familiarise staff with the new setup either!

Operating off tablet devices helps you to always keep tabs on your business, wherever you are. The portability of items like waiter tabs is a huge factor to consider in terms of convenience, especially if you’re required to travel frequently for work. Restaurant technology has allowed us to perform many complex functions with a mere click of a button; it would be a shame not to capitalise on some of its more ingenious tools that are perfect for just about any business owner.

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