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Hospitality EPOS system – How Does This Help My Business?

Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS) systems at first glance, may seem like deceptively simple cash register machines. Anyone in the retail or hospitality industry, however, will be quick to tell you that there’s more than meets the eye. In fact, many would probably tell you that a hospitality EPOS system is the backbone of their day-to-day operations. How is this so?

EPOS systems don’t just process card payments and store transaction history; they provide complex automated services such as data management and report generation, to name just two. In this context, they also track and manage reservations, bookings and in some instances, entirely automate the food order and delivery process. In recent years these systems and software have revolutionised the hospitality industry, increasing the innovation and efficiency of its services, serving customers like never before.

Below, we take a concrete look at the little ways in which EPOS software has transformed hospitality services, creating waves in the quality increase in customer service across the industry.

Hospitality EPOS System in Restaurants and Bars

For systems used in eateries and cafes, EPOS takes on highly specific functions, proving to be managers’ and waiters’ most useful ally in the everyday running of the business.

If you provide takeaway service or delivery options, the system will help you track and manage all orders, as well as keep tabs on pricing, stock levels, discount implementation, promos, and customer loyalty schemes. Your menu can also be managed effectively, adjusted according to time and the availability of ingredients, among others.

For those restaurants using handheld devices for everyday activities, EPOS software allows for orders to be transmitted straight to the kitchen from the diner’s table, if they’re using tabs or similar devices to place these. This is especially useful during peak hours when restaurants get busy and there are many customers and tables to manage. The software also keeps you informed of when the busiest times are and ensures you’re adequately prepared for business during peak hours.

In terms of reservations management, the system can track and keep you informed of which tables are booked, where customers need to be seated, as well as available seating for walk-in customers. This also allows waiters to identify which orders need to go to which table and provides them support with other aspects of their duties.

EPOS software also manages your stock inventory, keeping you informed when ingredients are running low, and even if menu items can’t be prepared due to non-availability of ingredients. This allows you to always stay on top of your product supply, ensuring that the kitchen is well stocked and customers can thereby be given the best of service.

A key functionality specific to bars or restaurants that serve alcohol, is the ability to measure the number of drinks being poured. This is often an inexact science, but with EPOS software in place, you can connect your drink spouts to the system and track the volume of liquid being poured within a certain period of time. This allows managers to ensure drinks that haven’t been billed aren’t being poured and wasted.

EPOS for Hotels

In terms of hotels, keeping tabs on reservations and room availability has never been easier and more convenient than with EPOS. Apart from those features discussed above, you can now automate the entire booking process, allowing the system to respond to customer inquiries on availability and to update your bookings, should they decide to make a reservation.

You can also use your EPOS software to market any promotions you may have, by emailing or sending targeted SMS messages to customers whose contact information the system has stored. Your software can also be used to keep track of the additional charges per room and add that onto a guest’s bill efficiently, eliminating any chance of error on your part. EPOS also makes your check-in process a smooth and seamless affair; preventing delays and any inconvenience for you or your guests.

Start Using a Hospitality EPOS System at Your Establishment

Given the improvements and increase in efficiency wrought by these systems, there is enough evidence that the returns made on an EPOS system far outweigh the installation cost incurred in the process.

Given that the success of the hospitality industry is largely predicated on customer satisfaction, businesses stand to gain by taking every measure possible to optimise all aspects of daily operations in order to provide the best of service. In this context, a hospitality EPOS system is an answer.

At eposEx, our commitment is that your customer service is taken to the next level with our own hospitality EPOS system. Contact us today for further information on optimising your business and its operations.

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