Hospitality EPOS software is the key to growing your business.

How hospitality EPOS software is the key to grow your restaurant

Setting up a small restaurant is no easy task, but with the right software, you can expand and grow your business to become successful.

When you establish a small restaurant, owners have a lot of obstacles to overcome. They have to meet the stringent standards of the UK government, set a unique menu, find the right location and make sure they are attracting the right customers. Despite these obstacles, restaurant owners can grow their business, provided they invest in the right assets: Hospitality EPOS software.

The elements of growth

When it comes to growth, a fantastic menu alone will not be enough. To grow your restaurant business year on year, owners will need to create a flexible business with low overhead costs, while maintaining a razor-sharp focus on their restaurant. Hospitality EPOS software can help in most of these areas.

Keep operating costs low

One of the biggest challenges restaurant owners face is not increasing the amount of money coming in, but the amount of money leaving the business. Overhead costs, especially if they are not controlled, can put the balance sheet in the red. Fortunately, hospitality EPOS software can keep operating costs under control. The software is a great facilitator for growth because it streamlines several functions, like inventory, guest reservation systems and employee management. When these functions are streamlined, it reduces overhead costs, paving the way for growth.

Keeps service speedy and efficient 

We all know that speedy and efficient service is one of the best ways to build a successful restaurant. Creating excellent service takes time, but the right technology makes a huge difference. Hospitality EPOS software is the key to making service fast and efficient, even if you do not have a lot of resources. For example, with EPOS software, you can place tablets at the tables so customers can place orders and send them directly to the kitchens. With this system, you set the ground for fast, speedy and efficient customer service. 

Engaging with customers 

Bringing in new customers is one of the key elements of growth. While bringing in new customers takes time (word of mouth is particularly powerful), there are still several ways to engage current customers and get them to order from your business. To get current customers to order from the restaurant, you need to constantly engage them via SMS and email. Hospitality EPOS software provides the means to reach out to your customers. While restaurant owners have much work to do on their own, like determining incentives and frequency of messaging, their work is made significantly easier with an EPOS system. Owners can reach out with enticing offers, increasing the chances of getting repeat business. Repeat business is one of the most effective growth strategies because you spend fewer resources on marketing to old customers than you do to new ones. Research indicates that it costs five times more to market to new customers than it does to retain new customers. Furthermore, catering to familiar customers increases the profit margin, which is one of the key determinants of growth.

Preparing for the future

Technology is going to play a huge role in hospitality because it transforms the industry with new business models. For example, mobile technology and the internet gave rise to cloud kitchens, which cater to customers without bearing the overhead costs of running a restaurant. Furthermore, customers are connected online with millennials and Gen Xers spending a lot of time online. If new restaurants want to stay relevant, they need to integrate technology into their operations as well as who they associate with. This is where hospitality EPOS software comes into play, the systems come with the infrastructure owners need to reach out to customers online and even support online services, like mobile pay. 

Paving the way for success

While success is no guarantee, owners of a brand new restaurant maximise their chances of success when they invest in a hospitality EPOS software. EPOS offers the best chance of success because it brings value to several aspects of restaurant management to reduce operating costs and increase profits. From inventory management to guest reservations, there is a lot a small restaurant owner can do with an EPOS system. By judiciously using the system, restaurant owners will pave the way for greater success.  

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