Hospitality EPOS software is key to bringing in invested customers.

How hospitality EPOS software is vital for customer engagement

If restaurants want to build a business model that entices customers to keep coming back, they will need to build a model where customer engagement is key. Such a model encourages repeat visits and encourages customers to engage and promote their restaurant across various forums (typically online), generating immense value for the restaurant. In this blog post, I am going to explain how restaurants improve customer engagement using the right strategies and techniques, including hospitality EPOS software.

What is the connection between customer engagement and hospitality EPOS software?

There is a strong connection between customer engagement and EPOS software. Engaging with customers cannot be done using one-off tactics, like discounts. It is a holistic strategy that involves multiple techniques at different stages of the customer purchase cycle. To manage these techniques and measure them (in order to make sure they are working), hospitality EPOS software is the perfect asset that helps managers execute these marketing campaigns across different mediums.

Engage in cross-channel marketing

With hospitality EPOS software, restaurant owners can manage marketing channels, inventory, staff, customer data and more, providing a level of flexibility that cannot be found elsewhere. This flexibility allows hospitality businesses to devise several new strategies that entice and engage customers. An excellent example is email marketing.

Using sophisticated analytics systems found only in EPOS systems, restaurants can find out what their customers ordered and then send each of their customers a personal email with an offer that will encourage them to return to the restaurant. Email marketing is essential because it is one of the best ways to engage customers.

Encourage online ordering

The restaurant industry has been transformed by the rise of online ordering with more people opting to order from home or work rather than go to a restaurant. Restaurants can take advantage of this enormous trend, by incorporating online ordering into their services to expand their customer base and improve overall engagement. Hospitality EPOS software is vital in this regard because it comes with an online ordering component that makes it easier for smaller restaurants to build the service without needing a robust network infrastructure.

Make customer service faster

Restaurants can have a compelling marketing plan, but if customer service at the restaurant is poor, then customer engagement will also be poor. This is because customers are placing more value on how they are being treated when in a restaurant. Therefore, the best way to ensure a customer will engage with your brand is to have incredible customer service.

Hospitality EPOS software can help restaurants improve the rate of service by a significant margin through software and hardware, like digital signage and inventory management software to make customer service faster and more efficient than ever before. Restaurant owners can take it a step further and add extra incentives for their customers through discounts on their favourite menu items. With the information from EPOS systems, restaurants can get very creative with their incentive schemes.

Devise new ways to engage with customers

Innovation is an important part of engaging customers. With the hospitality industry being so competitive, it is important to stay one step ahead of your competition. If your competitors find a way to provide faster and more convenient service, then the restaurant owner will lose customers. To mitigate this problem, restaurant owners need to innovate.

Hospitality EPOS software might be the key to helping you innovate, by incorporating new technology into your services. For example, instead of having customers sit and wait for a waiter to come to them, the restaurant can have tablets placed at each table, so customers can place their order without waiting for anyone. These orders can then be transferred to the kitchens directly, saving time and making service faster.

Engage your customers on multiple fronts

A fantastic chef (or a team of chefs) is vital to a restaurant’s success, but it is important to keep in mind that the quality of food is not the sole determiner of a restaurant’s success. If the customer engagement strategy is poor, then the restaurant will not have a lot of customers coming to them. Customer engagement is a multi-pronged strategy, one that covers marketing, customer service and an acute understanding of what customers want. The only way to make this happen is through hospitality EPOS software. EPOS software provides the granular insight restaurants need to develop a strategy to engage customers and have them return for repeat business.

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