Christmas is the busiest time of the retail year, prepare for it with retail EPOS software.

How retailers can prepare for the holiday rush with retail EPOS software

Are you prepared for the holiday season?

Whether you are a small boutique or an established supermarket chain, every retailer is preparing for the coming holidays. The coming shopping season means more sales, more foot traffic and more opportunities to rake in a higher profit. Market research firms expect consumers to spend £83.7 billion for the holidays. If even a fraction of it trickles into your hands, it’s a massive increase in profits. But are you prepared? To properly prepare for the holiday rush, retail owners need to invest in the right technology, otherwise, the quality of service will suffer. In this blog post, we are going to explain how to prepare for Christmas with retail EPOS software.

The importance of technology in preparing for the holiday rush

Investing in the right technology, retail EPOS software is the best form of protection against the holiday rush.

Analysing inventory

If retailers plan out their inventory properly, they will enjoy higher sales. For example, setting discounts on less popular items is one of the best ways to improve sales from smart inventory management. However, to make a profit from intelligent management, retailers need the right technology in place. Retail EPOS software is the perfect asset for assessing inventory because retailers can analyse sales and make smart decisions on inventory. They can even pull a report on last year’s Christmas sales to see what was popular or not popular and make decisions accordingly.

Facilitate online ordering

Are you missing out on customers by not investing in online ordering? Millions of customers choose to order their goods online. Over 32.6% of nonfood items are expected to be online orders. If retailers do not support online ordering, then they are missing out on a lot of potential business. However, despite its immense potential, not all retailers have an online ordering section because setting up the infrastructure is an expensive undertaking. Retail EPOS software can lighten the burden significantly, given that the technology features the software retailers need to get online ordering off the ground.

Better staff management

With all the extra traffic coming into your stores, retailers not only need to hire extra staff, but they also need to be better at staff management. There will be a lot more customers entering your premise, which means more work for employees. If staff are not managed properly, this could lead to tired and stressed staff, which hampers customer service. However, with retail EPOS software, staff management is much easier, ensuring that work hours are balanced. EPOS software makes management easier because owners now have a ‘bird’s eye’ view of staff timetables, making it easier to allocate shifts. Furthermore, EPOS software can alleviate some of the burdens on staff, if used cleverly. For example, retailers can set up iPads throughout the store, for customers to gather information on goods or even check out by themselves, relieving the burden on staff. 

Review shipping options

Delivery services can be a great way to capture more customers because there is a growing contingent of shoppers who prefer to have goods delivered to their doorstep. Setting up a delivery or shipping option can be expensive, especially for smaller retailers. However, with retail EPOS software, retail owners can ease the burden of setting up such an option, in part, by offering delivery tracking to customers. With this option, customers get real-time updates when their goods are delivered. Retailers still have to make the arrangements for regular shipping services, but retail EPOS software would ease the burden significantly. 

Preparing for the holiday rush with retail EPOS software

Retail EPOS is the perfect investment to make in preparation for the holiday season. It eases the burden of administration on several fronts, including inventory management, shipping delivery, online ordering and staff management. Retailers will need the right infrastructure to prepare for the onslaught of new customers. Shoppers are an impatient lot, and if the service is not up to standard, they are going to move to another establishment. EPOS software is especially important for smaller retailers because it offers benefits that will last well beyond the holiday season and allow them to compete with their much larger competitors. 

With retail EPOS software, retailers are not just preparing for the holidays they are preparing for the future. 

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