Restaurants need to invest in hospitality epos for the holiday.

How to prepare for the holiday rush with hospitality epos

Christmas is around the corner! It’s a special time in the hospitality industry because business is on the up. Foot traffic in hotels and restaurants increases and people are willing to spend more because it’s the “most wonderful time of the year”. However, while Christmas represents a great opportunity, it also involves a great deal of preparation. It means restaurant owners have to order inventory fit for the mood, devise new recipes and prepare staff shifts for the day. To help prepare for the hectic season, restaurant owners should take a look at the technology to make the process simpler – more specifically, they should leverage hospitality EPOS systems.

How can EPOS software help during the Christmas season

Perform a sales report

Any restaurant owner understands that the first step in preparing for the holiday season is to conduct a sales report of the previous year if they have it. A sales report gives owners useful information about what to expect for the Christmas season. With a sales report, restaurant owners will be able to learn much more about staff hours, sales volume and the type of food consumed. Looking at last year’s data is incredibly useful because it gives restaurant owners a solid foundation to prepare for the season. Hospitality EPOS systems are among some of the best choices for such enterprises as they are systems that collect and store information on all aspects related to restaurant management. Owners will learn instantly about past years’ sales after just a few clicks of the mouse.

Keep the inventory stocked

The holiday season is guaranteed to bring in a lot more customers than usual, and restaurants need to be ready. Not only must the inventory be stocked, but it must also be stocked with the right type of food. For example, some people might order a traditional meal from outside rather than deal with the hassle of buying ingredients and cooking Christmas dinner.

So expect people to order food like turkey, wine, Yorkshire pudding and even roast potatoes. When stocking inventory, a hospitality EPOS system can be of tremendous help because it carries information in real-time, so if a stock goes below a certain threshold, they will know instantly. Furthermore, the information can be accessed on different devices, so owners can look at the inventory through tablets, which makes it easier to survey information and make a decision.

Encourage online reservation/ordering

The Christmas season is going to see alot of traffic in your restaurant, and the phones are going to be ringing for reservations. It is also a great opportunity for owners to encourage online reservation and ordering. Online ordering generates a substantial amount of revenue for restaurants, making the Christmas season a great opportunity to boost earnings. The right hospitality EPOS software is built with online ordering systems in mind, and streamlines functions related to online ordering, like sending orders directly to the kitchen. EPOS software can even help in other areas like online reservation systems. Restaurant owners can even encourage customers to book their seats online by providing incentives, like a discount on drinks – incentives can be easily arranged on an EPOS system and owners can dive in and make changes as needed.

Managing staff more efficiently

Holidays are a great time for sales, but restaurant owners shouldn’t forget about their staff. Christmas is going to be a very stressful time for staff, not just because of the large volume of customers coming in, but also because they will be away from friends and family during the holidays. Restaurant owners should manage the workload of their staff, so that they are not feeling overworked, and have enough free time to visit friends and family.

Perfect work-life balance may not be possible during one of the busiest times of the year, but staff members who are relaxed and not overworked will ultimately lead to a happier workforce and better customer service. The best hospitality EPOS systems have the features needed for smarter staff management – for example, owners can pull up schedules and reports on productivity. Even better, EPOS systems can streamline functions to reduce the burden on staff and make their jobs easier. For example, as a result of this, cashiers will have an easier time interacting with past customers because they can pull up information from the system, including name and what they ordered last time.

Prepare for the holidays with a powerful hospitality EPOS system

With the holidays around the corner, restaurant owners should start preparing for the holiday season. However, preparing for the holidays is more than just setting the right menu, it is also about having the right technology. Having the right technology, like a hospitality EPOS system, makes several processes like staff management, inventory management, incentive programs and online ordering much easier to do. The result of all this? A significant reduction in the administrative burden on the owner without compromising the quality and variety of services available during Christmas.

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