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How to survive social distancing using EPOS systems

Restaurants are struggling, thanks to the Coronavirus. The PM has banned people from going to public spaces without providing a system of recompense for restaurant owners and managers. While some restaurants are closing down due to limited options, larger restaurant chains are keeping their doors open. But what about smaller businesses? How do they adjust to this harsh, new reality? While it is far from ideal, there are some options available to restaurant owners, so they can keep their doors open during this period of social distancing. Restaurants need to pivot quickly using the right technology, like EPOS systems.

What can restaurants do at this time?

There are several measures restaurants can take to keep their doors open during this trying time. While there is no denying that earnings are going to take a hit, it might be possible to do business at times when people are not allowed to leave their house.

Send out messages assuring customers 

With all the word about cases and deaths, people are understandably concerned about ordering food from outside. While many restaurants have taken precautions, customers are not going to know that, if they are not allowed to visit your premises. 

Hence, the first action to be taken is to send a text message or an email. Tell your customers that all steps have been taken to keep the premises clean and bacteria-free.

Owners with EPOS systems are going to have a much easier time, compared to those who don’t. These systems can collect and store the names of past customers. But beyond the list of names, owners can use EPOS software to send the message to the entire customer base at the same time. 

Online ordering

Restaurant managers and owners need to pivot their focus to online ordering. With people having little choice but to stay at home, managers need to adjust to the new reality by giving people the option to order food online.

According to a recent study, online delivery companies like Deliveroo were real winners in the wake of the outbreak. Revenue was at £4,215 million in 2020, based on numbers from a few days ago, an increase of 11.5% from last year. This sharp increase in revenue can be attributed to the growing number of users. A market analyst company revealed that there are over 22.5 million users of online delivery apps, an increase from 9.8% compared to last year. 

The reason behind this remarkable growth is no doubt because people were forced to stay indoors. This should be a clear sign that restaurants should pour their resources into online ordering during this time. EPOS systems can help in this matter by facilitating online ordering capabilities. It works by providing a portal to make it possible for owners to receive orders directly from customers. 

Restaurants can also set up their agreements with delivery apps like UberEats and Deliveroo if they haven’t already. However, these apps may charge steep rates owing to the current situation. 

But restaurants don’t need to rely on delivery apps if they feel it’s not in their best interests. Instead, they can devise creative solutions for delivering food and drink directly to their customers base. An excellent example is the use of ‘milk rounds’ started by Tom Wilkins to deliver wine to customers in South East London

EPOS systems can be very useful in this regard because they contain the information owners need to plan their delivery programs. Without this information, it would be impossible to get creative with delivery schemes. 

Adjusting to the new norm with EPOS systems

The coronavirus and social distancing have ground the hospitality industry to a halt, but it does not have to be the end. With a bit of creativity and with the right technology, restaurant owners can keep their business open. Of course, there is no denying that nothing will ever replace the atmosphere of a full house, but the alternative: Shutting down the business, is even more unappealing. The best anyone can do under these circumstances is to adapt to the new norm.

EPOS systems can be a huge asset in this regard because they give restaurants the flexibility to readjust their focus when necessary. With EPOS software, restaurants can manage their inventory, marketing and online ordering from a single system. 

The ability to manage several operations from a single point makes it easier to adjust when necessary, giving them the best chance of staying open during these hard times.

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