Hospitality EPOS solutions are vital for building customer trust.

How to use a hospitality EPOS solution to improve customer trust

You’ve probably experienced this. You can have a fantastic website, an incredible menu and a well-optimised online presence where people find you with ease. Yet, when people do visit you, it is only for one time and you never see them again. Why does this happen? What can you do to arrest this trend? The answer is trust, you need to build customer trust.

Building trust requires more than just an exquisite menu (though it will certainly help!). You need to have the right assortment of services and perks that will entice customers to keep coming back. A hospitality EPOS solution can help you refine your offerings to build customer trust and building this trust will only boost business, leading to better earnings.

Make your experience more personal with technology

Customers value personal experience. Everything from the way employees address them to whether today’s offering caters to their taste, a more personal experience helps build trust between the customer and your restaurant. The best way to personalise service is to invest in a hospitality EPOS solution. The software solution can store information on customers, like their name, address and what they ordered last time. This information can make a huge difference in several services and areas of engagement, like perks for booking online.

Distinctive loyalty program

A distinctive loyalty program is a great way to sustain a customer’s trust. Customers who have signed up for your loyalty program already trust you enough to give you their contact information. You can build on that trust, and give them incentives to keep them coming back with some fantastic offerings using the loyalty program. The incentives behind this program, along with member registration can be designed, using a hospitality EPOS system.

Value your employees

When it comes to building customer trust, your employees are going to be your biggest asset. Research shows that happy employees are 12% more productive, which, in turn, improves business outcomes. Moreover, you have to consider the situation from your customer’s perspective. Would a waiter with a stressed, dour look on their face make a positive impression on them? While a hospitality EPOS solution cannot train waiters to be better at their job, it can go a long way in helping restaurant owners manage their waiters, thanks to a better schedule management system.

A consistent experience

A restaurant needs to deliver a consistent experience. This includes everything from the menu to the interior decor to the quality of service. An inconsistent experience can hurt the appeal of your restaurant and discourage people from visiting your restaurant. For example, if the choices on the menu are wide and varied, it might seem convenient for the customer. However, it will be difficult for your customers to remember you. In other words, the impact you make is minimal. Consistency also refers to the quality of experience – the first impression you make on customers is the most powerful. However, the experience they have for the second, third and fourth time is also important. If your restaurant builds a reputation for consistency in quality, then not only will it build trust, it will instigate positive word of mouth about your restaurant.

More precise management

A big part of building consistency is precise, accurate management. Precise management covers different areas, including inventory, customer demand, and security. A hospitality EPOS solution allows for more precise management. For example, restaurant owners can obtain real-time information on their inventory levels and security for payments via online and mobile devices. Besides, technology is very important for maintaining consistency because it is impossible to maintain high standards consistently, without a strong technological infrastructure.

A hospitality EPOS solution – Investing in the future

A hospitality EPOS solution could be a vital asset that restaurants need to invest in if they wish to build customer trust. Without customer trust, restaurants can’t get repeat visits, making it even more difficult to build a successful business. Hospitality EPOS software are vital given that their versatility covers several different operations of restaurant management. Without an EPOS system, it is impossible to build a positive reputation because restaurants allow for more accurate and precise inventory management. Of course, restaurants need to select a hospitality EPOS solution geared specifically to restaurants. There are several different versions of EPOS software for different industries, and restaurant managers need a system built, specifically for them.

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