EPOS for Wholesale

When it comes to managing your wholesale outlet(s), making sure you have the most comprehensive technology and solutions should be one of your core priorities - this is especially true in areas like inventory and stock management. Whether your wholesale operation is linked to a store, you run multiple sites, or you're a standalone establishment that services a diverse range of clients, our highly integrative systems can help elevate your operations to greater heights.  

Give us a call, chat to us about your wholesale operations, what your needs would be, and we will instantly set you up with a demo of our product, uniquely catered to your needs.

How can eposEX bolster your wholesale operations?

  • You can benefit from our streamlined inventory/stock management functionality
  • Leverage our multi-platform integration with various systems - from accounting to ERP
  • Bolster your data-based decision-making processes with powerful built-in reporting/analytics functions
  • Take advantage of third-party integrations, like weighing scales and CCTV cameras, to centralize your entire site
  • Choose from using eposEX at one of your sites, or all of them – we are ready to scale up when you are!