EPOS for Grocery Stores

​Grocery stores or even food & beverage stores can get hectic at times what with customers flooding in at peak hours or with your staff having to keep track of your stock all day long on the back-end. It is stressful and at most times overwhelming, and this is where our EPOS system comes in. At eposEX, we can can customize solutions to meet your exact needs. Powered by a user interface designed with the needs of both store cashiers and managers in mind, our system is easy-to-learn and customisable, allowing your employees to grasp its functionality with relative ease.

Grocery stores who utilize our system frequently highlight the back-office management module as a critical component that has streamlined their product classification, purchase orders, and inventory management functions.

How can eposEX bolster your grocery stores?

  • You would be able to handle an extensive and cumbersome amount of data
  • Our continuously updated and maintained security features guarantee you the highest levels of data security
  • Make your operations more dynamic by adding multiple methods of payment
  • Take advantage of third-party integrations, like weighing scales and CCTV cameras, to centralise your entire store