EPOS for Pubs

Pubs get very busy, very fast. We understand that with hundreds of patrons coming in weekly, making sure your establishment remains the top watering hole in your region is a priority for you. We also know how important it is to you that you give them the best time with the best offers – especially to those customers who've always been loyal to you and your establishment. That's precisely why our eposEX system for pubs is the perfect solution for you.

Using our customer order history function, you can records your loyal customers’ favourites and offer them great deals through our deals support function. Pubs can also be chaotic at times and security, as a result, is very important. Integrate your CCTV cameras with our system to ensure the highest levels of oversight and guarantee the highest levels of security.

How does eposEX help pubs?

  • Enjoy a secure system, with robust authentication/lock-down features, drastically reducing the possibility of transaction manipulation
  • Make sure you run efficiently by tracking staff clock-in/out times and managing shifts – you can also integrate with a fingerprint scanner
  • Track stock from the point of ordering supplies till your patrons have been served, via our inventory management module – improve profits by knowing the right amount to hold
  • Combine our customer history module with the loyalty module to know who your best customers are and build lasting relationships
  • Gain greater insights with strong reporting tools that show you where the trends are – let the data speak for itself!