Inventory and Stock Management

Inventory and Stock Management through EPOS Systems

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) devices are truly versatile powerhouses. More than just proving to be reliable in a range of settings including restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets, and more, they also perform an impressive number of functions. Most commonly, these include marketing, sales, and inventory, and stock management.

With regards to the latter, how do EPOS systems really make a difference in terms of managing everyday variables? Given that this function is an important aspect in just about every retail and restaurant setting, figuring out the device’s true capability is key to unlocking its full potential.

Keep reading to find out!

Plan strategically when it comes to stock management

The success of any business ultimately depends on pushing out their most popular item. When it comes to particularly large stores with different avenues of purchase, knowing what your best-seller is can become a little challenging. Here, EPOS systems can be massively helpful in identifying which product you need to be restocking more frequently and which you should discontinue supplying. This helps reduce extra cost and time, as well as prevent human error from warping your stock management process.

More than just identifying which items are selling well, your EPOS system can also tell you when it’s time to restock on essentials. If you’re operating a restaurant, for instance, you will now be notified when you’re running low on serviettes, disposable cutlery, takeaway boxes, or any other item necessary for your day-to-day operations.

You can also manage the inventory of your online store with such a system in place. While managing both an online and physical space can be a little challenging, with your EPOS device, it is now much easier to make sure your business never runs out of stock.

This way, strategic thinking and decision-making come more naturally, not just in terms of inventory, but in terms of your overall business activity as well.

Build and execute automatic purchase orders

If your vendor is somehow integrated with your EPOS system, it becomes very easy to send your purchase order through your system. With such an arrangement in place, you can even order stock directly with your device; just click and receive.

Given the sophistication of this technology, you can now set what is known as reordering points in your system. Basically, if you dip below a certain number of stock items, your device automatically send out a purchase order, replenishing your stock without requiring your attention or input.

Improve customer service with better stock management

With an EPOS system in place, it becomes much easier to give your customers better and improved service.

Stock can often get misplaced and disarranged, creating chaos and disarray when a particular item needs to be located in-store. With your EPOS device, organising your stock into clear categories makes it easier to comb through your inventory. This way, you cut down on your own hassle and wasted time, while giving customers the best of support and service.

In addition to this, stock management across multiple stores become easier, resulting in effortless sales coordination and inventory control, as mentioned above. Further, it becomes more convenient to send customers those much-awaited emails or texts saying their delivery is on the way. Simple actions such as these improve your own service delivery, setting you apart from your competition.

Key Takeaways

EPOS systems are powerful performers when it comes to inventory and stock management. By taking the stress away from routine everyday activities, you’re able to perform better and give customers a more positive experience at your store.

By eliminating human error and fatigue from the equation, never skip a beat with your EPOS system in place.

At EposEx, we are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your business. With EPOS systems, this has become a reality, equipping you with the right tools to succeed. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you go the distance.

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