Restaurants can keep with the latest trends with restaurant EPOS systems

Keep up with the latest trends with restaurant EPOS systems

Do you know about pea-based burger patties?

It is just one product part of a growing industry: Plant-based meat. As consumers become more and more conscious about their health, they have begun to question much of what they eat, including animal-based protein. As such, the plant-based meat market will grow in the long run, expected to hit billions of dollars in the next few years. As such, if you are not offering burgers with pea-based patties, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

These are just some of the trends that will change the restaurant industry in the years to come. If your restaurant is not in tune with what customers want, you could end up falling behind your competition. But how does one keep up with the latest trends in the restaurant industry? The right restaurant EPOS systems are a great start.

What are the latest trends?

The restaurant industry is set to change because of these immediate trends.

Changing food preferences – Wellness and Health

Customers change their preferences for food. The aforementioned pea-based burger is part of a larger trend towards more healthy food. Customers are far more conscious about what type of food they eat, they are also more conscious of what goes into it. The National Restaurant Association revealed that 62% of adults order healthier food, while over 74% of millennial customers say they will choose one restaurant over the other based on the availability of healthy options. Healthy eating is one of the biggest trends set to change the restaurant industry.

Rise of online ordering

Online ordering is the option for customers to have food delivered to their doorstep. The service is fairly common for fast-food restaurants but restaurants of tastes are expected to cater to customers this way. Those who choose are missing out on a fantastic business opportunity. Across the pond, online ordering amounts for over $32 billion dollars in business. Not to mention, the online ordering capacity opens up a restaurant to a whole new customer base: customers who want to eat restaurant-quality food but do not have the time to visit the restaurant.

Environmental awareness

Plastic straws were a common sight in restaurants, but now they are rarely seen. This is largely due to customer demands for better environmental practices. Restaurant goers are far more conscious about the environment than they were a few years ago and expect restaurants to reflect this concern. Whether it’s a more efficient use of resources or even developing new recipes. Restaurants stand to benefit from a PR boost and higher profits.

How to keep up with the latest trends using restaurant EPOS systems?

Restaurant EPOS systems are sophisticated platforms that allow owners to control operations, analyse demand and more from a single, paper-free platform.

Better inventory management

The best way to know what your customers love or don’t love is through inventory management. EPOS systems feature sophisticated inventory systems that allow owners to gain insight into their inventory. Beyond better inventory management, EPOS systems allow greater visibility into what customers are demanding and what they are not depending on the stock levels for ingredients. When ordering ingredients, restaurants can observe customer preferences by how often these ingredients run low in supply. If you have customers with a love for healthy foods, then you will know about it instantly.

Incorporate online ordering

Online ordering may be the latest trend in the restaurant industry, but it is not an easy service to implement. Your infrastructure needs to support the service, which means additional cost in setting up and fine-tuning infrastructure. However, restaurant EPOS systems provide the perfect solution because the systems come with online ordering, making it very easy to provide services to your customers. Furthermore, some of the more advanced EPOS systems offer both online ordering and delivery tracking, which makes the perfect online ordering system for restaurants.

Go paperless

Restaurant EPOS systems are the best way for restaurants to go paperless or reduce their dependence on paper. Restaurants use a lot of paper because it is used to give restaurants their bills or administer operations. However, the use of paper is strictly arbitrary and with credit cards and mobile pay there is no need to complete customer transactions with paper. Furthermore, several transactions like taking orders to the kitchen can be completed without the need for paper. Using restaurant EPOS software will reduce a restaurant’s demand for paper. Thus, restaurants with an EPOS system can be seen as fulfilling a responsibility to the environment while also cutting costs in transactions.

Keep up with the latest trends

The one constant in the restaurant industry is change. Technology opens up new opportunities, customers want different experiences and if restaurants want to succeed, they will need to adapt to these changes. The best way to adapt is to invest in a restaurant EPOS system to make your restaurant more agile, less dependent on hard resources like paper, thus putting them in a strong position to adapt to the demands of the market.

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