Phone line integration with EPOS systems

Phone line integration with EPOS systems

The right EPOS system provides a powerful platform to boost sales and streamline existing operations. While EPOS systems are a relatively new addition to most businesses, phone lines have been around for many years, with many establishments depending on them to coordinate a vast majority of their orders. That’s precisely why phone line integration with EPOS systems is extremely important and a feature many business owners inquire into.

With the advent of phone line integrations with EPOS systems, this has taken these platforms to dizzying heights by supercharging sales opportunities and – saving business owners time in the process.

Operators increasingly seek to integrate a variety of capabilities into their point-of-sale systems as they open up capabilities on both the operational and customer-facing fronts. With increased efficiency and better intelligence into data and analytics, your POS can be a seamless system that integrates with your phone line and improves efficiency speed and accuracy of your business.

Phone line integration with EPOS systems showcase a plethora of benefits that could catapult your business to a desirable vantage point, giving you a much needed competitive edge in your industry. The following four areas highlight the benefits of the phone line integrations with EPOS systems. Read on to see how your establishment can be propelled to the next level.

Phone line integration with EPOS systems results in more efficient service provision

Inbound calls are automatically pulled up on your EPOS system – providing you with insights into your customer’s account including order history, spending habits, geographical location, and summary of their last interaction with your business. This makes it increasingly easier for your customer care representatives to offer the best service to all those who ring your establishment.

Boosting customer loyalty and ensuring repeat orders

Provide a better service than your competitors by being at the height of efficiency. With this integrated system, you are able to collate data and utilize it to understand the trends, patterns, and history of your customers as they are calling into your establishment.

This information can aid you in making the right moves in optimizing customer loyalty and ensuring repeat orders. Customers respond better to businesses that make the effort to know who they are, understand their preferences, and cater to them accordingly.

You are also able to identify and reward your high-value customers with improved loyalty schemes catering to their needs. With caller ID you are able to pleasantly surprise your customer by arming yourself with the necessary knowledge to cater to their needs and streamline the offers and products that could interest them according to the information you have already collected. This is also an effective strategy when it comes to boosting slow-moving products.  

Eliminate Errors and Fraud

This integrated system eliminates waste and wrong orders. With the registering of postcodes and address and the integration of Google Maps means you are able to get accurate information with no margins of error. Order management at its finest.

With an integrated system, you can also record false callers and missed deliveries to eliminate fraud and wastage. This system is able to beef up your call filtering and reduce the possibility of fraud – all while ensuring the security and safety of your establishment’s day to day activities

Boost Revenue and Sales for your establishment

Phone line integration with EPOS systems also helps you and other store owners reduce costs and generate more sales. Through this, you are able to review missed calls and return them to ensure no sales slip through the cracks.

Your business is also able to process orders quickly and accurately using Caller ID and postcode look-up. The collated information provides you with pivotal information about your high spending customers and you are able to track and look after them with precision and ease, ensuring the best service.

Furthermore, with this system in play, you will be able to reduce the costs of your establishment exponentially. The cost of hiring additional staff and resources are foregone as this system would be able to cover large areas of analytical efforts that would normally take tediously long laborious hours to complete. This, in turn, will optimize the efficiency of your business whilst witnessing an increase in your sales and revenue.

Phone line integrations with EPOS systems have been around for quite some time, however, for most new businesses, they are a fairly new addition. Nevertheless, the presence of such an integration will increase the value and output you gain out of your current EPOS system and give your business a whole new competitive edge.

For more insights on phone line integrations with EPOS systems and how to boost your establishment’s sales and revenue whilst ensuring customer loyalty stay tuned to our blogs.

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