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Picking a recurring EPOS payment plan over a one-off payment

As technology continues to evolve, electronic point of sale systems have adapted from simple cash tills to complex systems. Today EPOS systems remain a vital and key, yet expensive component of any business that wishes to ensure seamless management of their day to day operations. Choosing the right EPOS payment plan, therefore, is extremely important. If you opt for a one-time EPOS payment plan you are actually losing out in the long run and will bang up your finances even more than if you do choose the recurring EPOS payment plan.

Business owners opt for the one-time EPOS payment instead of a recurring payment plan as it seems, at that point in time that they do not need the extended support or help. The deceivingly easy user interface sparks confidence in its buyers but little do they realize that constant upgrades and updates are needed on your EPOS system to optimise and adapt to the continuous technological advances of our times. The crowning jewel of the EPOS support system offered to recurring payment plan customers is the unparalleled customer support given at any time of the day.

Read on to find out four reasons why choosing a recurring EPOS payment plan would be the right move for your business.


Continuous updates and upgrades to ensure the best service

There may come a day when you notice that your trusty POS system isn’t running as well as it used to. It may be time for an upgrade if you experience routine POS procedures become more time-consuming, customer checkout times take longer or even when payment authorizations fail repeatedly. These issues if they persist may be enough to turn a customer off from your business permanently. If they don’t get the quality service they’re looking for from the get-go, they might visit your competitor down the street.

Fortunately, these common functionality issues can be fixed by updating a POS system. Many times, scanning errors can be remedied with a simple software update. In some cases, a barcode scanner or touch screen monitor may need to be repaired or replaced. By investing in recurring EPOS payment plan you are entitled to routine updates and upgrades.

Upgrades to your EPOS system and new integrations to facilitate advanced seamless transactions is needed if your business wishes to have the competitive edge and with this package, you are able to summon your EPOS provider to attend to your needs immediately.


Security offered to the buyer

With the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation) coming into effect a few months ago you may be sceptical on how your business could be affected. GDPR is a new law merging easily two of the most sensitive areas of public policy, data protection, and consumer rights, and is aimed primarily at tightening protection on the way businesses store and use the personal data of their customers, increasing in particular, penalties and sanctions on companies that fail to secure sensitive information.

Effective EPOS system includes extensive data integrity features to make sure your information is secure and compliant to all laws and policies that may affect the UK.


Customer Support

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) technology is at the heart of supporting the customer service experience within industries today. Minimising EPOS downtime is therefore critical to daily operations, whether that’s processing transactions and orders or printing tickets,  as the selling point of EPOS systems is, seamless operations and if the EPOS support system does not echo the same sentiments it would prove to be a problem.

When your system faces an unexpected issue you are able to immediately call the 24-hour hotline that is offered by leading EPOS systems to immediately rectify the situation so that you can ensure seamless operations of your business.

An EPOS customer support team would ensure that there is zero disruption to your business by maintaining and servicing your systems during trading hours and can also extend an enhanced service to cover peak times if required.

Whether this involves on-site maintenance or temporarily swapping your equipment and repairing it off-site your customer support team is on call and it employs a specialist team of engineers to handle any issue you would have with the system.


An EPOS payment plan: cost vs quality

When you opt for the extended recurring payment plan you are essentially, in the long run, going to be paying less and getting far more value for your money spent. For one time payments, the initial hefty lump sum is needed and beyond that every additional support, service or upgrade will be individually costed and the bill will be footed to you with more zeros than needed be. If you opt for the long-term investment, it will pay off in all the ways specified above and also saves your precious resources that are time, money and effort.

For more information on EPOS payment plans and how you can ensure the seamless operation of your EPOS system through comprehensive and extensive customer support visit eposEX.

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