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How to reduce costs with Restaurant EPOS Systems UK

Whether it is a new restaurant in the neighbourhood or a well-established brand with multiple branches, operation costs are a huge problem.

Restaurant costs vary from thousands of pounds to millions. In fact, research indicates that it costs £200,000 or £ 2,000 per seat to set up a new restaurant. However, by investing in the latest technology, like a restaurant EPOS, it is possible to reduce costs and build a more agile, more cost-effective restaurant.

What are the restaurant costs that can be reduced via restaurant EPOS systems UK?

While restaurant EPOS systems cannot reduce costs in every case, there are some areas where the cost of operation can be reduced significantly.

Cost of equipment and supplies

Setting up a restaurant means a significant investment in a computerised system, kitchen equipment, supplies and cooking ware. However, by investing in EPOS systems, it is possible to lower costs in the long run. Top-tier restaurant EPOS software come with a variety of features beyond the core offerings like security and an online payment facility, so a variety of functions can be done within the same system. By investing in an EPOS system, setting up a restaurant will not be as expensive as it once may have been.

Business costs

It is not just setting up a restaurant that is tough. Running a restaurant comes with its fair share of challenges. Operational costs consisting of staff wages, inventory management and monthly bills are just some of the expenses restaurants have to deal with. Then there are administration costs to deal with like liability insurance, building insurance, contents insurance and stock insurance. While restaurant EPOS systems cannot help with administration costs, they can help reduce operational costs.

In fact, most EPOS systems are built as an all in one solution allowing restaurants to digitise several aspects of their operations, like staff scheduling and inventory management. Such operations consume a lot of time and resources, but EPOS systems automate many of these functions to improve efficiency in operations to save money and time.

Marketing and Miscellaneous Costs

Restaurants need to market their brand if they want to succeed. Planning and investing in marketing is a huge resource sink for owners, but the right restaurant EPOS system in UK helps mitigate marketing costs. We have discussed the importance of appealing to repeat visitors through smart targeted marketing campaigns. EPOS software for restaurants come with several features needed to pull off a successful marketing campaign.

These features include online ordering, chip and pin, delivery tracking and mobile app integration, which can be found in one system. While restaurant owners need to devise unique concepts, EPOS systems help them connect to their target audience at a minimal cost.

Managing Labour

Labour is a huge restaurant cost. The average hourly wage for a waiter is £6.49 and £9.35 for a chef. Hence, a small team of waiters and chefs represents a sizable cost for restaurants. However, hiring labour is unavoidable, from cash registers to chefs there are job functions that need to be fulfilled.

With restaurant EPOS systems UK, a restaurant can reduce dependence on labour. EPOS systems can be used to perform several functions that normally require a ton of personnel, like taking orders and sending them to the kitchen. EPOS systems also help HR management by automating certain tasks like scheduling shifts to make the process easier.


Diners are more conscious about the environment than ever before and expect the restaurants they dine in to reflect their concerns and values. Meeting this ‘going green’ requirement means making several changes to how the restaurant works, which includes food items on offer, kitchen equipment used and using less plastic and paper-based products. These changes are difficult to make but the right restaurant EPOS software facilitates these changes by helping restaurants go paperless.

With the right EPOS system, restaurants can complete several operations like customer payments without cash, allowing them to go green by using less paper.

Workaround challenges with restaurant EPOS systems UK

Running a restaurant is no easy task because there are several costs to account for. But with the right restaurant EPOS systems in UK, navigating these costs is easier than before. However, EPOS systems are so much more than just tools for navigating costs, they are tools for change. Restaurants can transform themselves into responsive, agile organisations that can handle the difficulties that hit the industry daily.

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