Hospitality EPOS systems help restaurants go paperless.

How to reduce the hidden cost of paper with hospitality EPOS software

Hospitality EPOS software is a great asset for restaurants because they reduce the hidden cost of paper, among many other things.

Hidden costs refer to expenses that restaurant owners often fail to consider when running their account numbers. The reason why this happens is that there is no monetary cost associated. Instead, hidden costs represent a cost in terms of opportunities missed and efficiency in operations. Items like the paper used for printing are an excellent example of hidden and unexpected costs. These are hard to measure in quantitative terms, hence the reason these costs are thought to be hidden, however, hospitality EPOS software can reduce the hidden costs of paper.

What are the problems with paper?

The cost of printing menus

Menus are an integral part of the restaurant dining experience but the cost of printing menus is growing each year thanks to inflation, the emergence of more diverse, and innovative paper options. However, the cost of printing menus goes beyond the financial cost. Restaurant owners have to spend time coordinating with a professional printer to get the job done. Compounding the monetary and time cost, it is clear that there is no tangible benefit to printing menus as they are no longer needed. Especially with digital alternatives available.

Unable to update in real-time

Paper-based menus are the hidden cost of changing the menu. If there is a change in the menu or a new recipe, restaurant owners have to reprint all their menus. The menus have to be redesigned and printed again, which is a huge cost to the restaurant. However, without reprinting menus, customers would have absolutely no clue as to what’s new on the menu. This is where hospitality EPOS software comes into play.

EPOS assets like digital displays make it easier to inform customers about the latest menu items.

Missed opportunity to impress

Menus are no longer as important as they used to be. Customers no longer look through the menu when studying what the restaurant is all about – simply because they would have already done their research on the restaurant online. Restaurants putting more focus on menus instead of digital ordering are missing opportunities to market their itinerary directly to customers in compelling ways using email and SMS marketing. Hospitality EPOS software provides a great opportunity to market to customers who have dined at their restaurants.

Extra space is required to accommodate special boards

Some restaurants use special boards to announce new dishes and recipes to draw in new business. However, there is a huge problem: There is no guarantee that customers will look at the specials board, making it a possible waste of time and resources in the first place. Hospitality EPOS software presents an alternative solution that is more effective because digital display stands at each table will be more effective in gaining customers’ attention.

Why go paperless with hospitality EPOS software?

Beyond the obvious benefits of cost-cutting and saving the environment, there are several hidden benefits with going digital courtesy of hospitality EPOS software.

Multilingual menus

London gets over 30 million tourists a year, hence there is an excellent chance that the restaurant could serve customers for whom English is not their first language. Instead of printing several copies of the same menu, a digital menu that can switch between languages accomplishes the same goal but at a much lower cost compared to other menus.

Better service to customers

Hospitality EPOS software can improve customer service for restaurants. Instead of waiting for a waiter to take their order, customers can input their order as soon as they sit at their table – the order will be sent directly to the kitchen. Hence, customers will spend less time waiting to be served and instead spend more time enjoying their meals and drinks, which means more positive reviews for the restaurant.

Service to customers begins when they make a reservation online – restaurants can hook customers in by having their table ready as soon as they walk in along with a bottle of wine.

It’s a better way to sell products

Restaurants that use hospitality EPOS software have several fantastic opportunities to market dishes and drinks to customers. SMS and email marketing allow them to send periodic updates on the latest recipes, discounts and other special offers, which is a great way to sell to already existing customers and generate repeat business, which is extremely profitable for any business.

Go paperless with EPOS

The cost of paper is expanding with each year and the benefits derived from using paper continue to dwindle. There are some paper-based products that will not disappear overnight, however, the reasons to use paper is shrinking each year. Paper is a huge cost to the environment and a liability on the balance sheet. It is time to leave it behind with a little help from hospitality EPOS software.

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