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3 Ways a Restaurant POS System Enhances Your CX

Restaurants represent a blissful mix of food, comfort, and intimacy. No matter how many people are around, that table or booth becomes your customer’s whole world for a few hours. Therefore, making sure their experience in that brief yet important timespan is critical to your establishment. A restaurant POS system can help establishments achieve this.

What’s interesting is that your customer’s experiences do not just begin the minute they order their food, nor do they end the minute they finish their meals. Your customers experience your service from the moment they call to make a reservation, up until they leave. That is exactly why we have identified three critical components of a restaurants operations that could lift or sink your customers’ experience.

With restaurants continuously growing in revenue, size of operations, and patrons served, maintaining effective customer care processes to sustain high levels of customer satisfaction is becoming difficult as well. This is where automation and electronic point of sales systems come into play. While the name may suggest otherwise, restaurant electronic POS systems go well beyond handling just the point of sales and extend into all aspects of restaurant operations, including inventory management, customer order management, and much more.

In this piece, we highlight three key areas that influence customer experience: table reservation, food ordering, and takeaway/delivery management. EPOS for restaurants systems cater to and enhance all three of these areas via built-in modules and functionality.

How can you enhance your restaurant’s table reservation process?

Most restaurants, particularly fine-dining restaurants, have large volumes of customers who make reservation hours, sometimes days, in advance, this makes the efficiency of a restaurant’s reservation process very important. With a comprehensive restaurant POS system, restaurants can now manage reservations electronically, with far more practical application than ever before.

Our eposEX solution for restaurants comes equipped with a built-in table reservation module that is designed to directly enhance the user experience for restaurant staff and indirectly influence the customer experience. The module allows for restaurant personnel to accurately record and securely store reservations as they are made. When a reservation is about to commence, the restaurant’s manager and waiters are notified of this, allowing them to make any final preparations. Specific needs and requests from customers, such as dietary restrictions and special events, can be uniquely highlighted and catered to through this efficient process.

If your restaurant currently runs on a manual/note-taking operation, or on an electronic system that lacks this functionality, your table reservation process may often be messy and disorganized. Customers expect more and, rightfully, deserve more, which may result in overall dissatisfaction with their customer experience even before they have walked into the restaurant. Having an efficient system and process in place could be the difference between you finding a regular patron or losing one entirely.

How can you enhance your restaurant’s food ordering process with a restaurant POS system?

Let’s take a step back from being service providers, for a moment, and step into the shoes of a customer.

When we walk into a restaurant and open the menu, we often try and visualize the item we are looking at whether it is a refreshing beverage, an exotic dish, or a tantalizing dessert item. Many restaurant menus (print or digital) come with no images, very pixelated ones, or completely inaccurate images, which spoils what a customer is looking for. Restaurants all over the world are increasingly moving towards picture-based menus to enhance their customers’ dining experience.

With our eposEX restaurant POS system, our clients get an integrated and easy-to-update picture-based menu module that is linked directly to their 8-inch waiter tablets. All items can be updated with crisp images and descriptive text to help patrons of any restaurant enjoy seamless ordering. Picture-based menus are even more useful in menus for non-Western dishes, where text alone would be difficult to help customers make decisions. Additionally, due to this technology, orders can be made right from the table, at the push of a button.

This trend is only going to continue and customers in the future will increasingly expect powerful picture-based menus on their tables. Additional customization and advancement may also lead to the development and use of more interactive media, like videos, thereby making this technology’s future, especially in the restaurant space, very bright. Adding this software and hardware into your establishment will not just be good for business today, but good for business in the future as well.

How can you enhance your restaurant’s takeaway and delivery management process?

Restaurant customer bases can be very diverse. You could have a collection of clients who are either dine-in, takeaway, or delivery-oriented customers’ after all, each one of us has our own preferences and moods on certain days! Therefore, takeaway and delivery management processes can be very important for many restaurants.

Tracking orders, accurately calculating prices, and applying takeaway discounts and delivery charges in a manual or less sophisticated system on days with normal activity can be challenging – on busy days this becomes almost impossible. Without a comprehensive solution that automates this task for you, a takeaway and delivery process would be incredibly inefficient, which is why many restaurants have moved in the direction of automation.

The eposEX restaurant POS system for restaurants comes with a built-in takeaway and delivery management module that supports table service charges, take away discounts, and distance-based delivery charges. In just a few seconds, restaurant managers can go from taking in orders, adjusting charges and discounts, and finally to dispatching the orders. You can transform a complex and multi-faceted process into one short sequence of actions, thereby, enhancing your staff members’ efficiency and user experience, while enhancing your customers’ overall order experience.

Key Takeaways

The advent of electronic point of sales systems has brought about sweeping time and cost-cutting enhancements to vital operations. From table reservations to food ordering, to food takeaway and delivery, a restaurant POS system can help businesses all across the UK, and around the world, simplify their processes and enhance the experiences of their employees and customers. It is important to note that a restaurant POS system comes with additional functionality, not just the above mentioned. Therefore, if you would like more information, check this space out for better insight into what is out there for your business.

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