Retail apps and EPOS software

Why retail apps and EPOS software are the keys to growth

Retail apps and EPOS software are the keys to growth and success.

With more people preferring to do their shopping over mobile, investing in an app is a great way to reach out to customers. Meanwhile, an EPOS system lets you optimise efforts to maximise your ROI in marketing. In this blog, we are going to explain the different ways EPOS software and mobile apps lead to future growth.

How retail apps and EPOS software lead to growth

Mobile Pay

Mobile pay allows customers to pay for goods and services using their phone, instead of a card or using cash. You will not find an easier and more convenient method of payment than with mobile pay. However, to make mobile pay a reality, you need to invest in a retail app. However, it gets even better with EPOS software. Certain EPOS systems can integrate with mobile apps to collect important information, like purchase history and delivery addresses. You can then collect this information from the system for analytics purposes.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a valuable marketing tactic. If you use push notifications the right way, you can get customers coming back for repeat purchases, which drives up business even more. To successfully execute push notifications, you need information on your customers. This information can be obtained through the retail app, while EPOS software can be used to further refine your information and automate much of the marketing, making it easier for smaller retailers to execute such complex campaigns and cater to hundreds, if not thousands of customers.

Geolocation technology allows you to push notifications based on their location. If customers are close to your store, they will get a notification reminding them about your store and what sort of goods are available.

Smart Discounts

Customers love discounts. In an online survey, 47% of respondents said they would reengage with a retail app if offered a discount. With push notifications, you can reach out to specific customers with discounts to increase sales and engagement. Moreover, you can communicate discounts to clear out excess stock or sell products that are suffering from slow sales.

EPOS software can also help optimise your discount schemes. The right EPOS systems have sophisticated inventory management systems and mobile app integration capability, which mean you can use the system to get better insights into what is popular with online shoppers, what is not selling well and what could sell well with a lower price tag. The combined use of mobile retail apps and EPOS software gives you the means to make smarter choices on your discount options.

Loyalty/Rewards Programs

Retail apps are a convenient medium for reward or loyalty programs. Most customers prefer to use smartphones, instead of carrying a card. Hence, implementing a loyalty program gives customers a reason to engage with the retail app and an incentive to do repeat business with you. Repeat business can be very profitable for retailers and EPOS software can help in the implementation of your rewards program, by storing and processing vital information, through analytics.

There are different types of loyalty programs that can be developed and implemented that benefit you and reward your customers – for example, providing free shipping in return for a successful referral. Alternatively, you can base your loyalty program on a ranking system where the value of rewards increase whenever you go up the ladder.

A loyalty program goes very well with the push notifications strategy because you can send friendly reminders to customers to make a purchase using your reward program.

Audience Segmentation

While you may not have the marketing budget of a major retail company, you can still enjoy growth and success through smart, targeted marketing campaigns. The best way to execute such a targeted campaign is by segmenting your audience, which can be done with the right EPOS software. Most EPOS systems come with analytics features that let you analyse sales and divide your audience into different segments. When you categorise your audience into segments, you can find a link between goods bought and a customer’s age, location or personal preference.

With this information, you can market smarter than ever before. For example, you can have a discount on sports goods, and send notifications to customers who have a history of purchasing sports-related goods.

Bringing it all together….

Retail apps and EPOS software can help any retail business grow and expand. Retailers can segment their audience, implement loyalty programs, do smart discounts, push notifications and execute mobile pay. These features improve the customer experience, while also making it easier to segment and personalise marketing for customers. Retailers can be smarter and more efficient in their marketing methods because most EPOS software and systems come with online features, built into the system. This makes it easier even for smaller retailers to market online and through mobile.

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