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EPOS Systems to Manage Security and Surveillance

Electronic Point of Sales (EPOS systems ) are extremely versatile devices.

More than merely keeping track of your transactions, managing inventory, and performing a range of other equally cool functions, they also help with the security and surveillance of your store. This means that when it comes to securing your profit, ensuring that money goes directly into your EPOS till, and general transactional surveillance, Point of Sale systems are highly reliable.

Our blog this week dives into all the security features users of dynamic EPOS systems can avail themselves of. Check out our list below!

Handling Cash

With the use of EPOS systems, storing and keeping track of cash becomes a convenient and easy exercise.

This is not only because the till provides a safe space in which cash can be kept, accessible only to select employees, but also because it helps owners ensures that this money adds up with the value of cash sales recorded in the system.

This makes it very difficult for any kind of theft or fraud to take place, giving owners the peace of mind about assigning control over cash sales to employees.

Integrated payment systems

EPOS systems also provide customers with a secure way of paying their bill.

With the integration of Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) technology, funds are transferred directly from debit or credit cards, into your Point of Sale till. This is usually done immediately, or after the customer confirms their PIN.

These systems are, therefore, not just capable of handling multiple methods of payment but also store and track them securely.

This also protects profit, as customers cannot leave the store without handing over the full amount for their purchases. While this is a common experience in stores that accept cheques, with an integrated payment system backed up by an EPOS system there’s no room for this to happen.

EPOS systems and CCTV camera integration

What many don’t realise is that with CCTV and EPOS systems in place, both of these can be integrated to provide for better in-store surveillance capabilities.

By connecting your EPOS system with your CCTV camera, you can overlay real-time transaction data from the till onto CCTV footage. Not only does this help you increase your overall security and eliminate any opportunity for theft or fraud but also enhances your auditing capabilities.

Through this measure, you will be able to monitor each and every retail transaction, ensuring the highest standards of employee integrity. Further, you would also be privy to witnessing how customers are treated at your store. This, in turn, can help you improve customer satisfaction and experience over time.

An integrated system such as this can also help protect against other risks such as counterfeit transactions at your store.

Employee performance monitoring with Point of Sale systems

With an EPOS system that’s backed up by a CCTV camera, owners also get the unique benefit of one-on-one monitoring of employees. While this does, in fact, protect your cash and your assets, it also provides store owners and managers the unique ability to provide tailored feedback and training to each worker.

Thus, it is much easier to manage store employees both when they know they’re being monitored and with superior video technology in place. In fact, this also protects your employees from difficult or fraudulent customers, giving them a sense of confidence and security to perform their day-to-day activities. Further, it’s also possible to track employee check-in and check-out times through unique timestamps and login systems, making payment and performance much easier to track and manage.

Key Takeaways

EPOS systems are an effective and valuable tool in just about every retail setting. On top of its phenomenal functionality in terms of stock management, transaction recording and storage facilities, as well as inventory control, a Point of Sale system also provides superb security and surveillance features. Among these, the ability to track and store transactions, provide for secure integrated payment systems, and access superior CCTV camera capabilities, are easily the most useful.

By opting for systems such as these in your business environment, manage and protect your store, your customers, and your sales unlike ever before.

At EposEx, we are committed to ensuring you get the most out of your business. With EPOS systems, this has become a reality, equipping you with the right tools to succeed. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you go the distance.

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