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SMS Marketing Through Your EPOS System – 4 Ways To Use It

With the advent of modern communication technologies and platforms, you would think that systems like SMS would be extinct by now. Think again – particularly with regard to its commercial operation and applicability. Despite various chat applications having supplanted SMS in the consumer-to-consumer communication sphere, while also making inroads into certain commercial instances, SMS marketing is still very much alive.

To this day, SMS marketing is still a core platform used by businesses to interact and communicate with their customers. The system has become so intertwined with the way businesses communicate with their clientele that it is being integrated into internal systems and processes too – Point of Sales systems, for example.

Given that SMS depends solely on conventional mobile networks and no reliance whatsoever on data and/or internet facilities, this method of communication faces a lower likelihood of customers being out of a service range. As you already know, the world of business requires the maintenance of a constant line of communication between an enterprise and its customers – which is what makes SMS the suitable option, given its vast network coverage globally.

Why SMS Marketing?

Imagine this – You are a renowned restaurant with popular take-away items in your neighbourhood. One of your customers has made an order and you have prepared and dispatched it on time – your rider is on her/his way. However, instead of using SMS, you opt to send your delivery update message through a chat application that requires constant connectivity to the internet. Unfortunately, your customer does not have access to the internet at the time and misses your message entirely. The result? A delay in your service provision to that specific customer because your rider would have had to resort to alternate methods of communication (like SMS). Additionally, your other customers would also experience delays.

This hypothetical situation is just one example of how important accessibility is to businesses – missing out could mean losing customers, both in the short-run and long-run.

SMS Marketing Through EPOS Systems

Electronic Point of Sales systems are rapidly being adopted by businesses in the UK and around the world. The ease of centralizing all tilling, in-store, and customer management operations into a single point of access is helping businesses streamline operations significantly. One major added benefit of a few systems is the ability to integrate other technologies into the core functionality – in this case, SMS marketing.

Integrating SMS with Electronic Point of Sales systems provides location managers and their staff with the ability to store customer-related information and reach out to them, conveniently, from a single point.

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Let’s take a look at four ways you can use SMS marketing through such a system.

Sending Out Promotions and Offers

Customer retention is a critical part of any business, given that, on average, over 70% of a business’ revenue comes from existing customers. One of the most popular ways of retaining customers is via promotions and offers that act as added incentives for individuals to return.

SMS marketing is a great way of sending out customized promotions to specific customers, based on their preferences and previous order. EPOS systems do not only have outreach capabilities – their ability to record and store informative pieces of customer-related data help businesses customize their approach. If you are a clothing outlet that had a customer who purchased a few shirts belonging to a specific brand, you could tailor your offers to this customer around that specific brand – all through your comprehensive Point of Sales system.

Sending Out Orders/Service Ready Notifications

Customers love to stay informed. All of us are regular customers at some point in time and we know that each time we place an order or request a service, having complete insight and visibility into the overall purchase and service provision is important to us. SMS notifications are a great way of providing and supporting this level of visibility.

With SMS functionality enabled, businesses can reach out to customers through their electronic systems at the push of a few buttons. Customers can have notifications seamlessly sent to their phones when their order is received, processed, and dispatched/ready for pick up. Guaranteeing complete visibility is a great way of enhancing customer satisfaction and strengthening retention – this method helps significantly!

Reservation Notifications

This particular feature is useful to businesses that offer personalized, intimate, and luxurious services. If you are a restaurant, hotel, wellness facility, or any other business that deals with high-end appointment-based clientele, keeping them informed is very important. Making sure you provide your customers with what they need is not only important to keep them happy, but, equally important in making sure your business follows a fixed schedule.

Reservation notifications via SMS sent through your establishment’s POS system can be sent out periodically to make sure your customers are reminded of when they are expected at their appointments, along with any additional information that needs to be conveyed.

Restock and Service Reminders

Both retail and wholesale outlets have customers who are regulars that require restocking and consistent service provisions. If you are a wholesale outlet, you would need to regularly re-supply your buyers with a particular bulk amount of goods. Similarly, certain retail outlets, like beauty stores and spas, provide regular products and services to their customers. Sending out restock and service reminders, in some instances with offers included, is a great way of establishing and sustaining relationships with customers – especially if what they are buying is critical to the sustenance of their own operations and lifestyles.

As we have already highlighted, POS systems have added functionality and tendencies that allow businesses to store customer-related data, which provides them with insight into the trends and buying patterns of customers. By combining this with SMS functionality, businesses can conveniently send restock and service reminders to their customers when their projected order time is around the corner.

Key Takeaways

SMS is still very much alive in how businesses communicate and interact with their customers. In fact, SMS functionality built into internal POS systems provide businesses with a comprehensive solution that not only establishes customer relationships but one that manages and sustains these relationships. As technology continues to evolve and the more data businesses accumulate, SMS marketing will continue to be a vital tool in business-customer relationship management space.

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