EPOS software for restaurants can soften the blow from Brexit.

Soften the Brexit blow with EPOS software for restaurants

Years from now, historians will look back on the months leading up to Brexit as a divisive time.

Experts claim that a no-deal Brexit would be economically disastrous for the country especially for the hospitality industry. A letter signed by 30 leaders in the industry requested that the government pause proceedings for Brexit, else they would go under. But, on the other hand, pro-Brexiters like Tim Martin claim that Brexit would not be disastrous and that the industry would benefit from lower prices because Britain would not pay invisible taxes to the EU. Regardless of who is right and wrong, there is no denying that Brexit is going to have a huge impact on restaurants. While restaurant owners cannot wrap their business in a protective cocoon, they can mitigate the downsides of Brexit by investing in the right technology. In this blog post, we explain how EPOS software for restaurants can cushion the Brexit blow.

Protect your business with EPOS software for restaurants

While EPOS software for restaurants is not going to solve all the problems posed by Brexit, technology can still mitigate the damaging effects of staffing shortages, food shortages and rising prices.

EPOS systems allow for smarter staff management

Smart and efficient budgeting will be the key to combatting the effects of Brexit. The free flow of labour will no longer be possible, which makes it impossible to recruit waiters and cooks, like before. Almost 25% of the food industry are EU nationals, and the impending employment requirements in the post-Brexit era are going to have a huge impact on restaurants.

The way to negate this problem is to maximise efficiency in staff management, which is possible with EPOS software for the restaurants. EPOS systems can help restaurants make the most of their staff because they can generate a lot of reports that will be useful for owners, like who is generating the most sales. With shortages looming, hours will go up and owners will need to be smarter about managing their staff, and EPOS software allows them to do that.

Restaurants can better manage inventory

With food shortages expected post-Brexit, there are also going to be delays in importing food because the free flow of goods will no longer be possible. The change in the trade status-quo will not only change the rate at which fresh produce comes into the country, but it will also affect quality because there will be hold-ups at ports. The best way to subvert the problem is to be ruthlessly efficient in inventory management.

Restaurant owners need to have a precise idea of what is selling well, what is not selling well and compare it against the time and cost it took to bring it to the restaurant. If inventory management systems reveal that certain ingredients are imported from the EU, then the owner can decide on whether to replace the ingredient with an alternative that can be obtained locally. In some cases, they can even discontinue a dish, if need be. The level of insight needed to make these decisions requires advanced technology that can provide a comprehensive breakdown of a restaurant’s inventory. EPOS software for restaurants is the perfect technology to make these decisions.

Restaurants can enhance the customer experience

In the post-Brexit era, there is a chance that prices will increase. The best way to get visitors to your restaurant even after the price hike is to improve service quality. Restaurant owners can accomplish this with EPOS software for restaurants because the system allows waiters to be more productive, and make customer service more efficient. For example, EPOS software can be accessed via tablets, waiters can carry tablets, and use them to promptly to answer customer inquiries leading to better customer service and less stressed out waiters.

Tablets can be placed on the tables and orders can be placed on the tablets to be sent directly to the kitchen for faster and more convenient customer service – restaurants will not be as dependent on staff for satisfying customer experience. Improving customer service is the key to negating the detrimental effect of rising prices because customers are willing to pay a higher price if the service is excellent.

Prepare for the future with the right technology

Brexit is set to change the hospitality industry, and restaurants are going to feel its effects in a significant way. With prices set to go up and staff shortages expected to increase, restaurants cannot completely avoid these problems, there are ways to soften the blow using the right technology. EPOS software for restaurants is the perfect asset to negate some of the damage because it makes businesses more agile and responsive than ever before, making it possible to be more diligent when it comes to staff and inventory management.

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