Choose eposEX as your establishment's primary software provider and/or hardware provider. Select from our comprehensive suite of business-specific software, hardware, and support solutions. If you have an existing system in place and want to add more items/solutions, select the "Hardware Accessories" and "Additional Modules" buttons.

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Our Software
Our software platform is uniquely designed and customised to meet your business' needs. Whether your business is focused on hospitality, wellness services, retail, or wholesale business activities, our eposEX system can help you immediately. See for yourself!

Our Hardware

Our "Flagship Hardware" package is equipped with an effective collection of flagship devices, uniquely tailored to your respective business type. Click on any option whose purple tag matches the kind of business you run for more information!

Our Support
Complement the hardware and/or software offering you selected with a dedicated support services plan that meets the requirements of your business. Select one of the options listed below for more information - choose from our Basic, Standard, and Premium support packages.

EPOS - Core Bundle

 1 x TOSHIBA/Aures - Touch Screen Terminal (TcxWave) - with Stand

(4GB RAM, Intel Quad Core Processor, SSD, Windows E7.)

1 x Standard Metal Cash Drawer - Slide Out

1 x Thermal Receipt Printer - 80mm

1 x Kitchen Printer - Networked/Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner