Improving hospitality services includes making check-in easier.

The importance of mobile apps in hospitality services

With mobile phones becoming so prevalent in work, business and play, most people expect hotels to incorporate mobile into their hospitality services.


If hotels use mobile apps they can devise several ways to improve guest retention, brand loyalty and costs in operations. Hence, we are going to explore the different ways mobile apps can improve hospitality services.


How mobile apps improve hospitality services


Easier check-in processes

Most hotel guests arrive after a long journey and, therefore, it is important to make the check-in process as simple as possible for them. Instead of asking guests to fill out forms after travelling for several days, you can simply ask them to check-in via a mobile app. Mobile apps have an engaging interface and can streamline the check-in process to make it much easier to check-in. It’s much less taxing for tired guests to check-in through their mobile apps rather than go to the front desk. Such a service would improve hospitality services, which are vital to improving customer service.

Foster and develop personal connections

Hotels can use mobile apps to develop a deeper, more personal connection with their guests. With a mobile app, hotels can push notifications towards their guests – like booking reminders, special promotions and discount codes on services most useful to guests. Likewise, guests can use mobile apps for assistance, room service and more. Mobile apps encourage custom one-on-one communication between the guest and hotel, which makes customer service more personal. When guests feel they are getting personalised one-on-one treatment, they are more likely to visit again.

A personal guide

Customers value personal service and mobile apps can provide personal service by acting as a personal guide. Apps can provide information on shops, restaurants, and local attractions. Furthermore, guests can make reservations for spa treatments, restaurants and more. This feature would be especially useful for guests who are not familiar in the area.

Improve efficiency in operation

Delivering high-quality hospitality services requires a lot of backend activities – administrative duties, cleaning duties, IT support and more. What if hotels could use mobile apps to improve efficiency in staff operations? Cleaning staff can provide updates in real-time, as soon as they have cleaned a room, so the front desk would instantly be notified when they are done. Administrative staff taking reservations can enter guest information through the mobile app and update the central database. Staff working in restaurants, bars and spas can access guest information through the mobile app to provide the custom hospitality services guests need.

Apps work with other technology

Mobile apps work with other technology to deliver top-tier hospitality service to guests. An excellent example of this is an Electronic Point of Sale system (EPOS). An EPOS system enhances functionality in several ways. For example, in an in-house restaurant, guests can make an order using tablets placed on the desks, instead of waiting for a waiter to take their order. EPOS systems can also integrate with mobile apps to deliver synchronised service to guests. For example, hotels can use these systems to find out how frequently a guest visits a particular restaurant and send them a special offer through the mobile app. Hotels can, therefore, enhance the quality of customer service with the right EPOS systems combined with mobile app technology.

Get detailed analytics

Top-level managers can access detailed analytics reports to discover ways to improve hospitality services. Mobile apps can collect information on guests, reservation activities, customer reviews and more. This information will form the basis for detailed analytics reports, to unveil trends like season peak demand. Therefore, managers can find weak points in their customer service to improve service and customer retention.

Keep in touch with customers with ease

What if you could keep in touch with customers after they had checked out? Mobile apps make it possible for hotels to keep in touch with their customers by sending them brief messages that serve as non-intrusive reminders about their time with the hotel. Hotels can send guests different messages ranging from special offers to discounts during the peak season. This type of marketing is particularly useful for guests who travel several times throughout the year, like those who travel for business.

Key takeaways


Mobile apps have integrated themselves into every aspect of our lives, and guests now expect hotels to provide a portion of their services through mobile. Hotels can use apps to improve hospitality services and encourage repeat visits from customers. Investing in mobile apps also paves the way for operational efficiency and more detailed, comprehensive marketing, which is necessary for maintaining a competitive edge.

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