EPOS software for retail can turn all your employees into an asset for your store.

Turn your employees into an asset with EPOS software for retail

EPOS software for retail can turn your employees into an asset by making them brand ambassadors for their store.

If employees are not used properly, they become a liability to your retail business. The yearly average wage for a retail employee is over £21,000 a huge expense for any small retail business. Furthermore, a rude employee can be detrimental to your business. According to a survey of 1000 shoppers, 42% revealed that rude employees were the main reason they stopped shopping at a particular place. However, this does not have to be the case for you. With the right equipment and strategy, your employees can become your biggest brand ambassador through stellar customer service. Here is how you can turn your employees into your biggest asset with EPOS software for retail.

The value of employees as brand ambassadors

Having employees act as brand ambassadors on your behalf is incredibly valuable. Employees covering all aspects of operations from inventory management to customer service can improve the shopping experience for customers. Research indicates that a positive shopping experience is the number one reason why customers shop at a given place. An incredible customer experience encourages repeat visits and repeat business is a tremendous boon for retailers because customers are inclined to spend more on shops that deliver a positive customer experience.

Employees that deliver an incredible customer experience generate positive word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool, especially with social media, as shoppers contact friends and family, before making a purchase. Besides friends and family, customers also want to hear the opinions of other shoppers by looking up a retail store online. Retail stores with negative reviews will lose potential customers because these reviews have a tremendous impact on customer perception. By contrast, positive word of mouth boosts business and brings in new customers, organically. Employees play a huge role in building a positive word of mouth through customer service. Great customer service elicits positive reviews, boosting business and improving brand perception.

How to use EPOS software for retail to turn employees into retail ambassadors

As you are well aware, EPOS software for retail is an electronic point of sale software that automates, simplifies and improves retail management. The software comes with several useful options, including the ability to train your employees and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Faster service through sharper insights

If employees are to become brand ambassadors, they need the right tools. EPOS software for retail comes with advanced features, which provide sharper insight into stock and inventory management. Employees can look up inventory levels across both physical and online channels. When empowered with information, employees are in a better position to serve customers who make enquiries. The ability to provide useful information to customers, in quick time, improves service and helps employees in their role as brand ambassadors. EPOS software for retail can be the perfect tool for employees because they get up to date real-time information.

Authentic communication with customers

An integral part of customer service is communication. When retail employees use generic, banal language with customers, it hurts customer service quality. However, when employees address customers personally and in an authentic manner, it improves customer service tremendously and encourages positive word of mouth. One way employees can provide the authentic, personalised communication you need is through EPOS software for retail. The EPOS system features advanced analytics, allowing you to identify repeat customers. You can inform employees about some of these customers and encourage them to communicate in a more familiar and authentic manner.

Develop a team of product experts

Nothing hinders customer service more than retail employees who do not know about your products and services. When customers ask questions, they need to know the ins and outs of what is on offer so that customers can make informed decisions. Even if customers research online before shopping, it is important to have employees who know the importance of products and services to provide assistance whenever it’s needed. EPOS software for retail can help in this process because of analytics features that provide in-depth information on the products.

Employees – liability or asset?

Your employees can either be a liability or an asset depending on how you choose to invest in them. With EPOS software for retail, you can turn your employees into brand ambassadors who can improve your business by a tremendous margin with positive word of mouth and by providing a great shopping experience for customers. Both can be created with the assistance of EPOS software. However, it is important to bear in mind that there is much more to customer service than just technology. Employees need to be trained to be familiar with products and to interact positively with customers.

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