Understand what customers want with retail EPOS software

Understand what customers want with retail EPOS software

Retail EPOS software is the key to giving retail customers what they want. Retail customers are foregoing the convenience of online shopping and taking the time to visit a store because they have specific wants that cannot be found in an online store. These customers are visiting a retail store to have these wants met. Understanding what retail customers want and providing it is the key to retail success, going forward. This blog post will explore the unique wants and needs of customers and how they can be met with retail EPOS software.

Retail customer needs and wants

If retailers are taking the time and effort to visit a store in-person, it means they are looking for service that cannot be found elsewhere. Here are a few of a typical customer’s preferences:

Customers want personalised service

Research indicates that when customers visit a store, they are looking to interact with someone on a more personal level. Online shopping is fast and convenient but is often devoid of human interaction. Customers visit a store because the shopping process is more fun when interacting with people. However, customers also want personalised service, where a sales associate would understand what they are looking for. A survey revealed that over 79% of customers identified that personalised service was the determining factor in where they shopped.

Retail EPOS software can help with personalised service because the system comes with a sophisticated analytics system that allows retailers to collect information for processing. The processed information can cover several areas including, but not limited to purchase history and preferences. Salespeople can then use the information to provide customers with the personalised service they need.

Customers like loyalty rewards

Customer information is an incredibly sensitive topic because many people are not comfortable with their personal information being used to fatten up a businesses’ bottom line. However, retail customers are comfortable with their information being used, provided they trust the retailer and their information is used to provide better services in the form of a loyalty program that gives customers discounts and rewards. Retail customers appreciate service where their time and loyalty is rewarded with perks, something which can be done with retail EPOS software. Therefore, retailers, both small and big, can develop a system that can generate a system to reward loyal customers with discounts and perks.

Integrate online shopping with offline shopping

Retail EPOS software can integrate online shopping with their retail shopping experience, which is great news for retailers. This is largely because retail customers want retailers to offer more integration between online and physical shopping experience. For example, over 56% of customers want a shared shopping cart feature.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not just about the connection between e-commerce and physical retail store shopping – these services can actually manifest themselves in different ways like BOPIS. Another way this happens is through the integration of CRM systems, online ordering features and mobile app integration.

Greater use of mobile devices

Retail customers might be willing to spend time visiting a physical retail store, but that does not mean that they are going to completely forget technology. Most customers use their mobile devices to compare and get the best prices, even when inside a store. Furthermore, many customers expect to get promotions and discounts when they log in with their mobile devices. The importance of mobile devices in shopping means retailers would do well to invest in a system that can integrate sales on a mobile device. Retail EPOS software is essential, in this regard, because of the software possesses mobile capability complete with an app.

Get the best of both worlds with retail EPOS software

Retail EPOS software is an essential asset for any retail business because it allows retailers to gain the best of both worlds by catering to those who shop online and visit the retail store. In fact, most customers engage with the retail brand online and also visit the store in-person because they want to enjoy the best of both worlds. These customers expect the brand to meet them on that level of flexibility through what is known as omnichannel marketing, which can easily be done with the right retail EPOS software!


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