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Benefits of a User-Friendly Interface in a EPOS System

When it comes to our electronic point of sale systems (EPOS), here at eposEX, one thing we constantly hear from our customers is that our user interface is extremely easy-to-use.

When we created our product, the aesthetic appeal was certainly high on our list of priorities. This is because when it comes to interface, many developers often compromise on design in order to improve other basic features.

Beyond our smooth graphics and glitch-free display, however, functionality is another one of our strengths. We believe that when it comes to EPOS systems, compromise must never be part of the equation.

To that end, our blog this week takes a look at the superior features of our user-friendly EPOS interface. Keep reading to find out what awaits users of our electronic point of sale systems!

Quick shortcuts through EPOS

Most EPOS systems require plenty of back-end tinkering in order to perform the simplest of functions. Whether you want to add or remove a product from your inventory, perform stock checks, and other basic functions, many electronic point of sale systems lack the intuition that makes for a seamless customer experience.

At eposEX, however, our interface ensures that users can perform a range of basic tasks with the utmost ease. To this end, we’ve provided sleek shortcuts that render generally complex processes as easy as clicking a few buttons. Thus, if you want to add a new item onto your product list and more, all you need to do is find the relevant shortcut, enter the data, and you’re good to go!

Hardware and software compatibility on EPOS

Another factor that results in poor user experience is the fact that the point of sale hardware and its accompanying software often comes from different manufacturers.

While many service providers portray a ‘one size fits all’ approach with their products, the reality is often very unforgiving on cashiers who then struggle to perform the simplest tasks. In this regard, both our point of sale terminals and our system software are made to mesh seamlessly, providing users with greater convenience and functionality. This renders our user interface among the best in the market.

Easy to learn and simple to use

Another factor that really sets our electronic point of sale products apart is ease of use. When we gather customer feedback, we often hear that learning to use our systems takes little time and hassle.

They’re also very simple to navigate. This makes our EPOS terminals a dream to work with, given how intuitive our system design is. We understand the capabilities of cashiers and our design supports easy interaction with the system, with straightforward options and commands that shuns complexity and confusion.

Easy customisation

When it comes to improving the functionality of your EPOS system, customisation plays a crucial role. Here, hardware and software integrations can be added as required, catering to the unique needs of your employees and your business.

In this regard, hardware integrations often fit like a glove. Whether you want to add a label printer to your system and produce custom labels or have your point of sale terminal act as a surveillance hub with the use of CCTV cameras, all of this is more hassle-free than can be imagined. For more on the best hardware integrations for your EPOS system, check out our post on this topic here.

In terms of software, a little back-end tweaking is necessary to ensure all your programmes work smoothly and give you the outcome you’re after. While this is the same for just about any point of sale system, our products make customisation the smoothest it can be.

Key Takeaways

The user interface is often heavily compromised when it comes to enhancing EPOS functionality. Our point of sale terminals and its accompanying software, however, are both designed with the intention of providing a smooth and hassle-free user experience.

Through the factors set out above, we prove that we deliver a system that’s not just pleasant to look at and work with but also that which affords the best functionality money can buy.

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At eposEX, our point of sale devices and sleek system software represents the finest tools for smoother business operations. Contact us today to find out more!

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