An online ordering system for restaurants can help you get back on your feet.

Why an online ordering system for restaurants is essential for the future

When I got the news that Boris Johnson would soon permit restaurants to open their doors, I was curious to know how that would work. 

So I contacted a friend, someone who owned a chain of restaurants in London. “We are not going to open,” she said when I posed the question. “Permission or no permission. Restaurants are places where people socialise, relax and have a good time. How are people supposed to enjoy themselves when they are sitting two meters apart from each other and served by waiters wearing face masks? It’s not going to work.” 

I realised that even though restaurants were opening up again, it would take a long time for things to return to normal. To remedy this problem, most owners and managers have turned to an online ordering system for restaurants. 

Online ordering systems are crucial for the survival of establishments, not just in the short-run, but in the long-run, as well. The lockdown has altered people’s habits, and restaurants have to adapt to survive. An online ordering system designed for restaurants has all the features owners need to adapt to this new reality.

The ideal online ordering system for restaurants 

An online ordering system is a great asset during this time because it helps restaurant owners create a more cost-effective and responsive business.

Integrated software to support contactless payments

One of the biggest benefits of an online ordering system for restaurants is that they completely eliminate cash from the equation. With people forced to stay at home, the ability to get payments without exchanging money is going to be crucial for the survival of any establishment. 

There is also the long-term play to consider, I believe that contactless payments will become more and more mainstream after the lockdown because people will be more accustomed to using cards and smartphones to complete payments. Hence, having a system that can take cashless payments is a useful long-term investment to make.

Mobile app integration

Did you know that mobile phone usage has gone up significantly since the lockdown started? With social distancing rules severely limiting people’s recreational options, they have turned to their smartphones to fill the void.

Hence, an online ordering system for restaurants with the ability to send messages to customers is a huge asset for any establishment because you can reach out to customers on the platform they spend a lot of time on, which increases their chances of getting heard.

An online ordering system allows owners to easily provide mobile-based services. Owners can provide several services, like delivery tracking that are crucial to the customer experience.

Customisable menus

A customisable menu is one of those options you didn’t think would be important until you start using the system. Adopting new technology is not an easy thing to do overnight and time is of the essence for restaurants.

The best online ordering system for restaurants often give users the option to customise the menu easily. When a menu is customisable, owners can easily tweak it to better reflect their brand and offerings. This is crucial because a restaurant’s menu is a branding and marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored during these hard times.

At the same time, owners cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time customising a menu, not when they have so many other tasks to complete, which is why it’s important to find a system that makes menu customisation easy.

A repository for customer information

An online ordering system for restaurants can collect customer details, like name and phone number, which can be used for marketing in the future. Most restaurants make most of their business from repeat customers, so the capacity to reach out to them would be crucial in the long run. By using online ordering, restaurants can build their own following of repeat customers.

Integration with an EPOS software

An online ordering system for restaurants is a vital asset, but their benefits grow even more when integrated with an EPOS system. When restaurants are outfitted with EPOS, owners can do a lot to improve restaurant operations.

For example, they can have customer information analysed, making it much easier to study trends and adjust the menu accordingly.

Given the tough situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to be as efficient as possible, and online ordering helps restaurant owners become more agile and responsive in their operations.

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